Nepal: Kavre Community Outreach Program

Health Camp Event for the Elderly: Q2 2019

October 30, 2019

Ganesh Shrestha

Summary of Activities

Since the earthquake of 2015, RMF’s efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of Kavre residents have continued to develop. In 2017, RMF received approval of our 5-year Health Care System Strengthening and Outreach Program from Nepal’s Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare (MoWCSW). As a result, RMF was able to fully implement the Kavre Community Outreach Program. Currently, RMF’s priority in the program has shifted to supporting a health clinic at Dapcha Health Post, which was opened in February 2018, as well as RMF Urban Health Center, which was opened in March 2018.

During this Quarter:

  • Currently, RMF supports a total of 3 health workers through the Kavre Community Outreach Program: at Dapcha Health Post, we employ one lab technician, and at RMF Urban Health Center in Lakainey, we employ one health assistant and one auxiliary health worker.
  • RMF is supporting the operation of laboratory services at Dapcha Health Post. In the second quarter of 2019, the lab performed a total of 113 tests
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Results &


AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 MUAC

CB-IMNCI Program

Under 5

The Community Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) program is being implemented in Kavre district. This program ensures that sick children under 5 years of age are managed for their health conditions and registered in the CB-IMNCI register.

152 children were treated during this period, 149 of whom were 2 to 59 months of age and 3 of whom were under 2 months old. Respiratory infections, including pneumonia, were found to be the leading health problem among children under 5 years of age with 76 patients.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 At RMF health center

Dapcha Outpatient


Dapcha Health Post served 2,039 patients from its OPD from April to June 2019, of whom 1,275 were female (62.5%) and 764 were male (37.5%). The OPD averaged about 680 patients per month for this quarter.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 Immunization



5 immunization clinics are active in the catchment area of Dapcha Health Post. From April to June 2019, a total of 175 vaccine doses were administered, including tuberculosis (BCG), diphtheria and tetanus (DTP), hepatitis-B (HepB), polio (OPV), pneumococcal disease (PCV), measles and rubella (MR), and Japanese encephalitis (JE). 30 of the patients were pregnant women who received vaccinations for tetanus and diphtheria (TD).

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 IMNCI training


Reproductive Health

During this 3-month period, the health post served 38 pregnant women with antenatal (ANC) services, and 10 mothers received institutional delivery services. There are 304 current users of various family planning methods, including oral contraceptive pills, Depo-Provera, implant, and IUCD, among whom 16 are new users.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 Sajina Tamang

RMF Outpatient

913 Patients

RMF Urban Health Center served 913 patients from its OPD from April to June 2019, of whom 524 (57.4%) were female and 389 (42.6%) were male. The OPD averaged 304 patients per month.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2019 Elderly

Health Camp

Caring for the Elderly

Namobuddha municipality and RMF Health Center jointly conducted a health camp for the elderly. 53 elderly people received health check-ups and benefited from free medicines distributed at the camp.

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& Objectives



  • Significantly reduce malnutrition among children under the age of 5
  • Cause behavior change related to health, nutrition and hygiene through health education
  • Improve the health services and programs
  • Help acutely malnourished children graduate from malnourished status to a healthy status
  • Improve maternal health, sexual health, family planning
  • Reduce neonatal and infant mortalities
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Direct Beneficiaries


Dapcha Health Post-2,039

RMF Urban Health Center-913


Family Planning-304

Antenatal Care-38

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Kabita Tamang

Kabita Tamang

22 Years Old

Kabita Tamang is a 22-year-old woman from Namobuddha 7, Kavre. She delivered her first baby at Dapcha Health Post on May 28, 2019 after 4+ ANC visits and a TD vaccination. She said that the staff’s friendly and responsible behavior encouraged her to come in for antenatal visits as well as the delivery itself. She had a baby boy weighing 3.2 kg through spontaneous vaginal delivery, and both the mother and the baby are doing well. No congenital anomalies were found in the baby. The mother and the family members were counseled about exclusive breastfeeding, maternal nutrition, immunization of the child, and the need for contraception. They were also briefed about warning signs for the mother and the baby and asked to take them immediately to the health center in case of such signs. Kabita is grateful and elated that she could deliver a healthy baby with the support and guidance of the staff of Dapcha Health Post.

Susmita Tamang

Susmita Tamang

29 Years Old

Susmita Tamang is 29-year-old woman from Namobuddha 11, Kavre. She has a 3-year-old son, and on May 13, 2019 she delivered her second son at Dapcha Health Post. The birth weight of baby was 3.6 kg. At the time of birth, the baby’s health was in good condition. She had visited the health post 5 times for antenatal checkups. She thanked the staff for their prompt response.

Buddhimaya Tamang

Buddhimaya Tamang

26 Years Old

Buddhimaya Tamang is a 26-year-old woman from Namobuddha 9, Kavre. She visited Dapcha Health Post for an ANC checkup. This was her first pregnancy and her 2nd ANC visit. An auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) at the health post checked her and injected a TD2 vaccine. Buddhimaya had complained of nausea and vomiting, and the ANM counseled her about nutritious food as well as precautions to be taken and possible danger signs.

Saili and Kaili being checked by RMF clinical officer at their own home

OPD and Home Service

Home Visit

RMF clinical officer Mr. Ganga Timlsina visits the community to provide medical services at home for those who cannot attend the health center. Saili (91) and Kaili (84) are two elderly sisters-in-law who live an hour away from RMF Health Center. Saili was suffering from a backache. Mr. Ganga checked both patients and gave Saili Aceclofenac tablets, ranitidine, and Neurobion.

Krishna Bahadur Pariyar having his finger treated by a health worker

Krishna Bahadur Pariyar

Sickle Accident

Krishna Bahadur Pariyar, a 64-year-old man, came to RMF Health Center with cut injury on the right index finger, which was cut by a sickle. On arrival it was wrapped with a piece of dirty cloth. The RMF health worker cleaned and sutured the wound. An injection given to prevent tetanus, and amoxicillin capsules, ranitidine, and Flexon were given for the patient to take at home. The patient was counseled before leaving the clinic.