Nepal: Urban Health Center, Palpa

Establishing a Clinic in Chyuripokhara: Q4 2018

January 11, 2019

Ganesh Shrestha

Summary of Activities

Until July 2018, RMF supported the Maternal and Child Health Program, which was also located in Palpa. However, after hearing about RMF’s health centers in Gorkha and Kavre districts of Nepal, which are run in collaboration with local municipalities, the ward chairperson asked RMF to change its focus in Palpa to supporting the establishment of the new clinic.

In response, the RMF Nepal team made monitoring visits to Chyuripokhara in order to assess the needs of the community, interact with the local people, and meet with the mayor of Tansen municipality as well as other community leaders. After the conclusion of the assessment and meetings, the RMF Nepal team proposed to run the clinic and requested approval from RMF headquarters. Once Dr. Martina Fuchs, CEO of RMF, approved the proposal, the RMF Nepal team began the process of establishing the clinic.

RMF will be establishing the new health center in a previously unused building in Chyuripokhara. In the past, this building was used as an outreach clinic where immunization services were provided once a month. However, villagers still had to walk 2 hours to the nearest health post to get basic services. Thus, ward Chairperson Mr. Ram Prasad Ghimire requested RMF’s support in running a clinic in this community which will offer health services regularly. The municipality will provide the building and encourage full community participation to help RMF run the clinic effectively.

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Results &


Legal Procedures Completed

RMF and Municipality Sign Agreement

Once the project was approved by CEO Dr. Martina, RMF Nepal team took the initiative to complete all legal procedures as per Nepali law. Signing the agreement between the concerned municipality and RMF supporting organizations was the first step. Thus, an agreement was drafted and signed by Mayor of Tansen municipality Mr. Ashok Kumar Shahi and RMF Nepal Program Manager Mr. Ganesh Kumar Shrestha.

Formation of Health Center Management Committee

8 Members Chosen

Based on the agreement between Tansen municipality and RMF, a mass meeting was called to form a health center management committee. According to the directions of the Ministry of Health and Population, an 8- member committee was formed in the chairmanship of the ward chairperson, and 1 additional member will be appointed later by the mayor.

During its first meeting, the management committee decided on the name RMF Urban Health Center.

Handover of Supplies

Subsidized Prices for Patients

After the formation of the RMF Urban Health Center management committee, RMF Program Manager Ganesh Shrestha handed a consignment of medical equipment, medicines, and required supplies over to Chairperson Ram Prasad Ghimire.

After the supplies were received, the chairperson assured the community members that the equipment and medicines will be utilized and distributed appropriately, and the medicines will be distributed to the patients at subsidized prices.

New Staff Members

3 New Employees

RMF Nepal’s management team has decided to employ 3 staff members to run the health center:

1. Mr. Rajan Mudbhari, Health Center Manager

2. Mrs. Man Kumari Chidi, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM)

3. Mrs. Deepa Somai, Office Assistant

Introduction: Rajan Mudbhari

Manager of RMF Urban Health Center

Rajan Mudbari hails from Palpa and has in-depth familiarity and knowledge of the district,  understanding the culture of the people of Palpa. His ample experience and extensive training in public health will aid him in providing quality health services in an efficient manner.

In addition to working as the Health Center Manager, he is also the coordinator between the health center and the local government. In serving the people of Palpa, Rajan says that it is as though he is serving his own family.

RMF Urban Health Center

Services Offered

RMF Urban Health Center provides quality primary health services free of cost. Medicines will also be available at subsidized prices. The following services will be provided by RMF Urban Health Center:

  • Outpatient Department
  • Pharmacy
  • Immunization
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Family Planning and Counseling
  • Referral
  • Health Education
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& Objectives


From June 2016 to July 2018, In June 2016, RMF partnered with United Mission Hospital Tansen’s Community Health Department (CHD) by supporting 3 essential programs for mothers and children under 5 years of age with human resources and administrative expenses.

In 2018, RMF shifted its focus to establishing a new health center in Chyuripokhara village, Tansen municipality, Palpa. RMF Urban Health center offers high quality health services for free, as well as low-cost medicines.


  • To improve the health status of Palpa residents
  • To provide high quality free health services
  • To remain alert to the needs of the Palpa community
  • To collaborate efficiently with Tansen municipality
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