Nepal: Urban Health Center, Palpa

828 Children Assessed: Q3 2018

October 13, 2018

Pragya Gautam

Summary of Activities

RMF supported the Maternal and Child Health program through July 2018, when it was decided that RMF will reallocate its support towards opening a new health center in Chyuripokhara, a village in Tansen municipality ward no. 8, Palpa district. After hearing about RMF’s health centers in Gorkha and Kavre districts of Nepal, which are run in collaboration with local municipalities, the ward chairperson asked RMF to change its focus in Palpa to supporting the establishment of the new clinic.

In response, the RMF Nepal team made monitoring visits to Chyuripokhara in order to assess the needs of the community, interact with the local people, and meet with the mayor of Tansen municipality as well as other community leaders. After the conclusion of the assessment and 3 meetings, the RMF Nepal team requested approval for a new clinic from RMF headquarters. Once Dr. Martina Fuchs, CEO of RMF, approved the proposal, the RMF Nepal team began the process of establishing the clinic.

Between July and September 2018, RMF was involved in the following activities at The Mother & Child Health Clinic (town clinic) and the satellite clinics in Argali and Darlamdanda:

  • 496 patients were provided antenatal care (ANC) services, including 151 newly registered cases and 345 continuing ANC patients who came for their regular visits.
  • 828 children under 5 years of age received services, including well visits and checkups for common illnesses. 662 children received immunizations, and 98.3% of under-5 patients were in good nutritional health.
  • Family planning services also continued, and 112 women received various contraceptive methods.
  • 62 health sciences students visited the clinic for observation and to improve their immunization skills.
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Results &


Strengthening Local Health Posts

Training and Equipment Provided

The satellite mother and child health clinics operate monthly in the village health posts of Argali and Darlamdanda, working to empower and strengthen these local government health posts by providing orientation and training to health posts’ staff and also by providing much-needed medical equipment so that women and children in outlying areas can access health services that would usually be available only in cities.

Health Support Services

Children Under Five

Out of 828 children who visited the clinic during this quarter, 79.47% were well and healthy. During each visit, the MCH clinic staff counsel mothers about the health promotion of their children and the importance of growth monitoring, and this raised awareness which prompts the mothers to continue bringing their children to the clinic. Other than growth monitoring visits, children come to the clinics for common illnesses and vaccinations.


Child Immunizations

Good Immunization Coverage Achieved

Child immunization is one of the primary services provided at the MCH clinics. Each mother who brings her child in for immunization is educated about the importance and purpose of each vaccine and possible side effects as well as informed about the time of the child’s next vaccination. Mothers generally follow the immunization instructions intently, which has led to good immunization coverage among patients.


Antenatal Care Services

496 Pregnant Women Treated

The Mother & Child Health Clinic (town clinic) provides antenatal care (ANC) services as well as referrals to higher treatment centers for certain cases. 496 pregnant women were provided with services during this reporting period.

The quality of services available at the MCH clinics has led to a high number of patients coming in for ANC care and other pregnancy-related treatment such as vaccinations. During this reporting period, 37 women were vaccinated for the first time, 42 were vaccinated for the second time, and 39 were vaccinated during a second or consecutive pregnancy.

Family Planning Services

Contraceptives and Education

At the MCH clinics, temporary contraceptive services are provided, including oral contraceptive pills, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA/Depo-Provera), progesterone implants, intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCDs), and condoms.

Long-term contraception is provided through implants and IUCDs. Staff members, such as MCH manager Manalaxmi Hemchuri, are well-trained for invasive contraceptive procedures like implants and IUCDs. They also provide ample counseling so that women are well aware of the benefits and possible adverse effects of respective birth control methods.

Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)

Counseling and Health Education

The MCH clinics also provide counseling regarding PMTCT to HIV-positive and vulnerable families. This service is regarded as one of the most vital of the MCH clinics.

This quarter, 84 women received PMTCT counseling, and 1,287 people received health education on different topics. These health education sessions have been useful for the health promotion of the people in the community. As a result, 8 children were referred to a higher center for proper diagnosis and treatment, and 11 pregnant women were also referred.

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& Objectives


From June 2016 to July 2018, In June 2016, RMF partnered with United Mission Hospital Tansen’s Community Health Department (CHD) by supporting 3 essential programs for mothers and children under 5 years of age with human resources and administrative expenses.

In 2018, RMF shifted its focus to establishing a new health center in Chyuripokhara village, Tansen municipality, Palpa. RMF Urban Health center offers high quality health services for free, as well as low-cost medicines.


  • To improve the health status of Palpa residents
  • To provide high quality free health services
  • To remain alert to the needs of the Palpa community
  • To collaborate efficiently with Tansen municipality
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