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Real Medicine Foundation and Para Los Ninos join together to support children

September 10, 2006

Dr. Kevin Becker

In our most recent project, the Real Medicine Foundation has joined in a collaboration with Para Los Ninos (www.paralosninos.org), the largest and most respected child services agency in Los Angeles, to support traumatized and at-risk children. Para Los Ninos has 20 locations throughout Los Angeles County where they serve children of all ages with a wide variety of programs and services. Over the course of the next several months Real Medicine's Psycho-trauma team will provide training on the impact of trauma in children to Para Los Ninos staff.

Several programs have been chosen to receive the specialized training, including the Early Childhood Development Program and the Para Los Ninos Charter School. Teachers and Staff will spend two days with trainers from the Real Medicine Foundation Psycho-trauma team learning the principles and techniques that will help them support some of Los Angeles' most troubled children. Para Los Ninos is one of only two agencies in the United States that provides services to children living in a 'Skid Row' neighborhood.

The Real Medicine training program will help teachers and child care workers understand the impact of adverse childhood events and exposure to trauma in their young students. Research shows that individuals who are exposed to experiences such as child abuse, alcoholism and other serious negative events in childhood are far more likely to develop serious health and psychological conditions in adulthood. Helping teachers and child care workers recognize the signs and symptoms of children who are in need of support will help assure they get the services they need and subsequently lead a healthier and safer life.

As this program unfolds, we will provide regular updates here on the Real Medicine Foundation website. Please check back to see how the program develops.