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Kid’s Fitness Classes

March 29, 2010

Roz Baker and Carly Panchura


“ARE YOU READY, SOLDIERS!?” asks Roz Baker at the start of our Saturday children’s fitness programs at the FWMC. Roz is a group instruction and personal training instructor certified by the American Council on Exercise in group instruction and personal training. Since 1988 she has been active in the fitness community promoting wellness.

Currently, Roz works with the Real Medicine Foundation promoting a healthy lifestyle and practical exercise. She teaches fitness and exercise Saturday mornings for an hour to the children of South Los Angeles.

Her thoughts on health and wellness: “Giving people the tools to get healthy and stay healthy is critical in areas of the world stricken by poverty. A strong physical self inspires the spirit to achieve more. Teaching kids how their bodies work and how to keep the body healthy gives them the foundation necessary to be productive, successful adults. Working with children builds within a community the foundation for prosperity. Roz states that she has seen some changes in the attitudes of kids she’s worked with through Real Medicine and knows the difference community-based programs can make. As a kid in Chicago, she participated in programs like this. “It gave me more than just something to do”, she said. “It let me know I can do something.”