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Florence Western Medical Clinic Update

January 12, 2009

Joyce Colton

Since November 1st, 2008 Real Medicine Foundation has partnered with the Florence Western Medical Center (FWMC) to hold educational classes for South Los Angeles children, teens and adults. Through the generous support of PhRMA, we've conducted Saturday programs every first and third of the month in health education/exercise, reading, art and yoga. Starting in March we will expand these classes to the first three Saturday of the month, where we will hold health education every second Saturday and Yoga every third Saturday. If you would like to volunteer teach please contact joyce@realmedicinefoundation.org. We are interested all subjects that can improve patients' health, wellness and knowledge.

We are also very pleased to announce our partnership with Whole Food Market, Venice. Whole Food Market in partnership with Real Medicine Foundation has generously provided patients of the FWMC with daily nutritional food. All members of the community are free to come to the clinic Monday – Friday to receive fresh vegetables and fruit, bread and grains and other already prepared meals absolutely free of charge.

In other news, supported by PhRMA, FWMC will provide monthly group Physical Therapy and bi-monthly Allergy and Asthma Care in 2009. These medical services will be available for people with or without medical insurance or other available resources.