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Outreach Programs at Florence Western Medical Clinic Christmas Update

November 30, 2008

Nov. 1st we began our first of a series of free workshops through our community outreach program at the Florence Western Medical Center. It was a great success, starting with a reading program for young children, followed by Roz Baker's "Fit, Phat and happy" program for ages 11-18. Discussions of growing a healthy body, followed by a fun filled exercise portion had smiles on everyone’s faces. The children involved could not wait for our next workshop, which will be held November 15th, and will consist of three separate yoga classes. At 8am, we will be holding yoga for children ages 3-7, followed at 9am with yoga for ages 8-13 and 10am yoga for ages 14-18. On December 6th we are very excited to present Healing with Art for ages 3-18 starting at 9:30 AM. For information please contact Mara Leng at Florence Western Medical Center, tel. 323-778-2131. Stay tuned for other children's and adult programs this Winter.