Update from the Field

April 30, 2009


The students of Mama Kevina have continued yoga practice and find that the classes help relieve their stress. The teachers are providing yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – a deep state of relaxation proven useful for PTSD.Faith Karakacha is providing relief to people in Tororo at the Kenya border. Many cross the border coming to Uganda, particularly seeking body point acupuncture treatment.

Mella Health Center continues to treat the community for PTSD and common health conditions with the NADA protocol and body point acupuncture.

RMF has identified Mending Kids located in California as a provider for surgery for John Ochwo. Forms to start the process for John’s heart surgery should arrive the beginning of next reporting period.


The students of Mama Kevina, especially those traumatized by war, flooding and HIV/AIDS; the local population around Mama Kevina, St. Anthony’s psycho trauma unit and the Mella Health Center have the opportunity of dealing with their trauma, stress, pain and other diseases.

Yokosana had hypertension 200/150mmhg and diabetes. With acupuncture treatment his blood pressure was reduced to100/80mmhg. Yokosana got acupuncture treatments monthly when his sugar level increased. Whenever his sugar level increased, his blood pressure condition worsened. Now that his blood pressure has decreased, his diabetes has not disturbed him.
Prisca, a pregnant woman had constant fever and flu and was living on pain killer medication. When Faith started treating her, her immunity increased and the fever and flu disappeared.

Akware, an asthmatic patient was prone to coma whenever it was raining or she felt cold. Breathing could become very difficult when she had fever and flu. Since Akware started getting acupuncture treatments from Faith her immunity has increased and she has not experienced fever or flu.