Q3/2011: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Report

November 23, 2011

Naku Charles Lwanga

Project Goal:  

  • Assist the refugee settlement with treating the most prevalent conditions in the refugee population with special attention to Malaria and Malnutrition at the Panyadoli Health Center.
  • Support the education of refugee school children.
  • Develop the economic component of our humanitarian work through vocational training.

Photo below: Dr. Martina Fuchs and some of the Nursery school students RMF supports at Kirandongo

Project Objectives:

  • Provide funding for continuous running of the vocational school.
  • Provide funding for the annual registration of candidates in senior four and six sponsored by RMF.
  • Provide money to facilitate candidates taking their national exams in Masindi.  This facilitation includes transport to and from, accommodation, feeding, and the allowance for the teachers who take care of the students in Masindi.
  • Provide school fees and scholastic materials for all Kenyan and Sudanese refugee school children, at the beginning of the term.
  • Continuous maintenance of RMF office compound at the camp and equipping it for use by John Njoroge, and the two new staff recruited in October 2011.
  • Provide other support as needed/budgeted to the Kiryandango schools, and community as a whole.
  • Maintenance and repair of the water taps at the health centre, and repair of some boreholes at the camp.
  • Maintain adequate medicine and medical supplies to the Panyadoli Health Center. Research the upgrade of Panyadoli Health Centre III to Hospital level.


Summary of RMF/WCF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective:

School Support
RMF provided funding for the facilitation of candidates who will be sitting for the Uganda National Examination Board in senior four and six.  This facilitation included transport to and from, accommodation, feeding, and the allowance for the teachers who take care of the students at Masindi.

636 Students in total are supported by RMF/WCF funding in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools:

  • At the Arnold Primary School, we support 174 students;
  • 184 at Can Rom Primary School;
  • 93 at Beth Cole Nursery School, and
  • 61 at Daystar Nursery
  • 124 students are at the Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School.1


In summary:

Beth Cole and Daystar Nursery Schools: 154
Can Rom and Arnold Primary Schools: 358
 Panyandoli Self Help Secondary School: 124
Total Children Supported: 636

Medicine delivery
RMF/WCF, local government, and UNHCR equipped the health centre with pharmaceuticals this reporting period.

An increasing dollar exchange rate has caused prices of drugs being increased, thanks to RMF for increasing also this time funds for the drugs from 8 million shillings to 9 million shillings.

Vocational Training Institute
Continued financial support and guidance for the new Tailoring and Hairdressing Vocational Training Institute; a total of 30 students are enrolled in these programs and the reception has so far been very positive.

Photo below: Students from the Hairdressing Vocational Training Institute

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

  • A total of 636 School Children were supported (Kenyan, Sudanese, and Congolese): 124 Students at Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School; 184 pupils at Can Rom Primary School; 174 pupils at Arnold Primary School, and 154 children at Beth Cole and Daystar Nursery.
  • Provision of scholastic materials for the third term, closing the 2011 academic year.
  • Two more new staff were recruited to help in RMF administration and Panyadoli Health Centre in data collecting.
  • RMF bought two bicycles to help staff in their daily transport to community activities.
  • Continued financial support for the running of the Vocational Training Institute for Tailoring and Hair dressing
  • Additional Vocational supplies for both courses were supplied.
  • One new highly qualified professional instructor was recruited for the hair dressing course.
  • Maintained RMF/WCF office at the camp; office compound is always well maintained by monthly slashing and weeding of the grounds.
  • RMF office has been again renovated, painted well, and is conducive for office work.
  • RMF erected a sign post on the highway to the Northern part of Uganda, and another sign post at the junction to its camp offices.
  • Jane received her monthly stipend to support herself and her daughter Lucy.
  • Dr. Martina Fuchs, RMF’s Founder and CEO, visited the Kiryandongo Resettlement and the Panyadoli Health Center and met with Dr. Simon Opieto and OPM representatives to review the state of the health center and discuss further expansion and improvements. Dr. Fuchs and Naku Charles Lwanga also took meetings with UNHCR teams at their field office in Hoima as well as their head office in Kampala.  

Photo below: Dr. Martina Fuchs and the RMF Uganda team

Success Stories:

The Tailoring Training department opened the semester with 13 students, one dropped out with 12 remaining. The students are currently making school uniforms and Kitenge design to cover the whole syllabus. They are expecting to finish these within three weeks time if the materials needed are provided.  Below are our students in their final classes, graduating at the end of this month.

The Hair dressing department started the semester with 17 students and didn’t lose any students during semester. The hair dressing students are really promising and everyone is committed to learning and graduating at the end of this month.  Next semester, they are hoping to start beauty therapy courses if sufficient supplies are available.

Below are the new RMF team members Joyce & Innocent, with their new RMF sponsored bicycles


Three RMF/WCF sign posts have been created, one put at the highway to Southern Sudan, another at the junction of the OPM and the Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, and third one at the gate of the RMF office in Kiryandongo:

This is the small sign post at the gate of AAH to the RMF office

 Painting of RMF office at Kiryandongo



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