Q2/2011: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Report

August 17, 2011

Charles Naku and Jonathan White

Project Goal:
Assist the refugee settlement with treating the most prevalent conditions in the refugee population with special attention to Malaria and Malnutrition.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide funding for the conversion of the documents of Kenyan and Sudanese students to Ugandan standards.
  • Provide funding for the registration of candidates in senior four and six sponsored by RMF which is always once in a year.
  • Provide money to facilitate candidates who sit for their national exams in Masindi. This facilitation includes transport to and from, accommodation, feeding, and the allowance for the teachers who take care of them at Masindi.
  • Provide school fees and scholastic materials for all Kenyan refugee school children, and 35 vulnerable Sudanese students every beginning of the term.
  • Provide other support as needed/budgeted to the Kiryandango schools, and community as a whole.
  • Provide funding for re-opening the vocational school.
  • Repair the water taps which are broken at the health centre and repair of some boreholes at the camp.

Summary of RMF/WCF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective):

School Support:
The provision of school fees for Kenyan, Sudanese and Congolese school children remains of vital importance.

In the first term, RMF/WCF supported students with school fees, scholastic materials, conversion of foreign papers to Ugandan papers for candidates, and registration of candidates to do final national examinations in November 2011:

638 students in total are supported by RMF/WCF funding in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools:

  • 126 students are at the Panyandoli Self Help Secondary School
  • At the Arnold Primary School, we support 174 students; 184 at Can Rom Primary School, 93 at Beth Cole Nursery School, and 61 at Daystar Nursery.

In summary:

Beth Cole and Daystar Nursery Schools 154
Can Rom and Arnold Primary Schools 358
Panyandoli Self Help Secondary School 126
Total Children Supported 638

Medicine delivery:
RMF/WCF, local government, and UNHCR equipped the health centre with pharmaceuticals this reporting period. Due to the increase in rainfall during the wet season, the health center has seen a large influx of patients.

The increasing dollar exchange rate has caused the prices of drugs to increase; thanks to RMF/WCF for increasing also this time funds for the drugs from 8 million shillings to 9 million shillings to account for the increased expense.

Vocational Center:

Official opening of the Vocational Center with two programs in place, one for tailoring and one for hairdressing/beauty.   Prior Vocational Center building was renovated and supplies and equipment bought all using WCF/RMF funding.  Four instructors are managing the two seperate courses.


Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

  • A total of 638 School Children were supported (Kenyan, Sudanese, and Congolese): 126 Students at Panyandoli Self Help Secondary School; 184 pupils at Can Rom Primary School; 174 pupils at Arnold Primary School, and 154 children at Beth Cole and Daystar Nursery.
  • Provision of scholastic materials for two terms, first and second term.
  • Candidate papers were converted to Ugandan standards and registered for the forth coming national examinations in November 2011.
  • Jane received her monthly stipend to support herself and her daughter Lucy.
  • We established an RMF/WCF office at the camp; the office compound is always well maintained by monthly slashing and weeding of the grounds.
  • Vocational school was renovated and re-opened with two courses; tailoring and hair dressing.
  • Vocational supplies for both courses were supplied.
  • Four instructors for the vocational center were recruited, two juniors and two senior instructors to run the institute.
  • Security guard was employed to safe guard vocational school at night.
  • The instructors and guard of the vocational center are paid monthly.

If applicable, plans for next reporting period:

  • Repair of 5 boreholes if we get funding.
  • Unblocking of some pipes at the health centre if we get funding.
  • Testing water quality of all functioning boreholes at the camp to evaluate if these boreholes have good drinking water.
  • Provision of the medicine/medical supplies at Panyandoli Health Center.
  • Continuous pay of salary to all our employees at the vocation training centre and the health centre.
  • Supply of the needs of vocational school.
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