Sri Lanka

Spring Update for Tangalle Children’s Relay, Sri Lanka

April 1, 2009

Mahendra Andrahennadige, Manager TCR

TCR continues to be a critical component of the well being of many post tsunami families living outside of Tangalle. With the support of RMF, TCR over the past year, in addition to education and meals for children has

  • Hosted a Kids art and craft work exhibition for year 2008
  • Hosted a Kid’s year end concert to demonstrate their learning skills.
  • Renovated and fixed a new roof to our sand play house.
  • Provided Medical Clinic for kids, other children and adults in the region.
  • Initiated Recruitment of new kids for year 2009.

Photos: (L) Within two days we were able to finish the roof; (R) Now it looks much better and the children can again play in there

Our results and/or accomplishments achieved over the past year include:

  • TCR preschool staff has introduced some new subjects for our kid’s education system such as, English, disaster awareness, communication and harmony among different nations. Even though we did not have enough timing to get a better result last year, our staff is fully dedicated to make it practical and useful.
  • The third semester is very important for our kids. It is scheduled to perform Art work exhibition and year end concert during this period. We have organized a beautiful exhibition of Art and Craft work of our kids. It was exhibit not only for the parents, but also some school children and neighbors were presented. They all were very satisfied to see the kids work. Most of them praised TCR for their performance.
  • 11 of our kids are attending school for grade one in January 2009. Mainly these kids and second year kids too joined their big event in December to get ready for Year end Concert. The teachers and parents had also to work hard to prepare them for the event. We have organized to give a present for each kids after the concert along with a certificate for their preschool education at TCR.
  • By the end of year 2008, TCR preschool has completed its mission to prepare 11 kids ready to start school education. The parents of those children are very much appreciating our service.
  • By now, we have selected 8 new kids that suit our conditions to recruit for New Year. We have carefully selected them by gathering all the information about their family and financial situation.

It is hard to measure the impact of our services. However, TCR is always in touch with the parents for their comments and updates. To our surprise, all the parents are making well comments and thanks for this project and the services provided for them. The quality of the service is always to the standard. TCR can observe the development in each family. The foundations of these families are getting stronger and stabilized. They get more and more opportunities to invest for the family income. TCR in the meantime has individually looked into family situation and planning the child birth. The confidence the parents have on us is more worth and it paves us to guide the families for a better future. We will find new ways and means in this year to serve those families in advance.

We further plans to prepare them not only for school education, but for social and other factors too. That is for what we have introduced new chapters for our syllabus. 

Photos: (upper right) Group performances; (bottom image) trips to the beach

2008/2009 Student Base

21 FAMILIES – CHILDREN at Tangalle preschool. (Up to December 2008)

16 FAMILIES – CHILDREN at Tangalle Preschool. (From January 2009 onwards)

03 FAMILIES – TEACHERS at Tangalle preschool.

In addition to our regular services, we provided for 4 families to prepare the breakfast for the children at Tangalle preschool. It is organized among the children’s families itself. So we make sure that they prepare the meals clean and nutritious. One family is given ½ $ for each preparation. It is not a large amount, but that is what TCR could offer for their services.

Photos: (L) Leaning English; (R) And computer skills

We also hosted our second Mobile Medical Clinic at preschool premises. It was very successful and patients over hundred participated for the clinic.

With Accomplishments, Come Challenges:

As a result of our staff dedication and vision, we have managed to minimize our project challenges in certain level. It is good to note that our attendance record is better compare to last year. At the beginning of this year, we have talked to the parents and advised them how to keep their children clean and tidy. We have aware them of the regular medical checkups and early disease identification methods of how their children can live healthy. We have also got the assistant from medical specialists in this regard.

  • For the New Year, we have planned to take our kids outside the class room to see the world to their own eyes and to explore themselves. For example the main service providers in public and private and the local craftsman shops. We have planned to visit the Police station, Prison, Court, Hospital, Post office, a bank and some other workshops such as carpentry.
  • Our problem is to handle the children while taking them away for field visit. It is a very risky task and must be very careful even at traveling by bus or walking. So we suggest hiring a vehicle to bring them to the location and back.
  • We also want to give them good English practice by calling a foreigner who speaks native English. We will try to find a solution in that regards.

Photos: (L) Community Grown Food, emphasizing proper nutrition; (R) Emphasizing national unity and peace