Sri Lanka

Progress Report, June

June 1, 2008

In 2006 Real Medicine Foundation made initial contribution to Tangalle Infant Relay for an enclosed playground for the children that was safe from the road, dust and dirt that was caused by heavy traffic. Recently, Real Medicine announced its continued support for Mr. Mahendra Andrahennadige and his TIR project by providing salary support for his pre-school teachers. Providing employment is just one of the ways Real Medicine Foundation supports Sri Lankan communities. Please click here for the teacher profiles.

While many of the original classes were filled with tsunami affected children, those that come now are from poor rural families who would not otherwise have access to pre-school care.   And TIR's services go well beyond mere instruction.  They provide meals for those children who have not been fed prior to coming and have sponsored families who cannot afford to support their children. Please click here and here to read about these families and their stories.
Above: Hasindu (left) is a very shy, troubled boy. Naweena (right) has a hole in her heart.

Over the past three years, TCR has provided invaluable services to the children of the Tangalle community however, Mr. Andradinghe project and community involvement has expended well beyond his original intention to have a school. Recognizing that he could do more for his community with the resources he had available, he established a hostel for 16 young women from out of town who needed a safe place to stay while studying in the Tangalle Area for government exams. He has also initiated a home gardening program with the Tangalle Agricultural Center for the 220 families of the Yayawatta Village on Tissa Road and has prepared a proposal for a Special Science Library Lab to meet the needs for the over 2000 college students in the Tangalle Area.

Mahendra, pictured here in blue as we make our first contribution for 2008, is a clear example of an emerging community leader. Although we are not the only supporter of his efforts, our contributions help offset his expenses and this enables him to realize the full potential of his visions for the long term benefit of his community.

Progress Report: Children Relay Pre-School, Sri Lanka