Sri Lanka

Annual Concert Celebration

December 31, 2008

Minerva Fernando and Michael Lear

Real Medicine Foundation continues to provide salary support for the teachers at the Tangalle Children's Relay Pre-School in Tangalle. Each year, as more and more rural children pass through the school, TCR's role as a gateway to possibility and a bright future become clearer. Here is personal account from our Project Coordinator, Mrs. Minerva Fernando, who attended the school's year end celebration:

'When I reached the school hall it was 10am sharp. The parents and the children were there to greet me. I was thrilled at that moment and I felt very happy when a little girl with a traditional dress greeted me with a lovely bunch of flowers.
Then I met the staff and the director, Mr. Mahendra Andrahennedige, and they greeted me warmly. One of the girls in the girls' hostel did the entire announcements of the concert. I was so happy that Mr. Mahendra had taken such decisions to give an opportunity to come out with talents of the rural children.

The stage decor was very beautiful. The concert started with the traditional dance by the small girls. Tangalle is very famous for fishing and this item of the concert, the little boys as fishermen who danced on the stage, looked very pretty.

The staff had taken much effort to create and made the boys to act such items lively on the stage. I too had a great part to do in front of all the guests, parents, well wishers and the children. It was to give a speech how I have connected with the Tangalle Relay Pre-School.

It was a proud moment for me with all the facts I explained to all, how RMF has paved the way for me to join hands with all the supportive actions of the pre-school and girls' hostel. This gave me a chance to give a message to the people about the projects and services provided by RMF in the Southern Region of Sri Lanka.