Sri Lanka

Update from the Field

April 25, 2007

Dr. Martina C. Fuchs

We visited the Day Care Center and Montessori School in Tangalle in March 2007 and were very impressed and happy to see what had been accomplished in just one year. In addition to their complete renovation and upgrading, Mahendra Andrahennedige has made his dream a reality and added a Hostel for 16 young girls, ages 16 and 17. This Hostel makes it possible for them to dedicate themselves to advanced education in Tangalle without having to travel many hours per day back and forth to the remote villages that are their homes. RMF has supported the renovation and upgrading of the Day Care Center and Montessori School together with partner organizations around the world – Mahendra had done a fantastic job in connecting the dots. RMF is committed to supporting the sustainability of these projects. Following is an update by Mahendra in his own words.

Tangalle Pre-School & Hostel

Student List