Sri Lanka

Tangalle Pre-school children perform year-end concert

December 31, 2007

Mahendra Andrahennedige

After the completion of two years, the children at Tangalle Pre-school and Kindergarten performed their skills and talents at this special event. It was held at Deepankara School Hall on December 14, 2007 at 2pm. The performances lasted nearly 4 hours. No special guests were invited for the event, but the teachers and parents of the children participated and organized this event very well. As it was a rainy day, the attendance was not as high as expected, but the rain did not affect the performance of the kids. The children’s parents and relatives were enthusiastic to see the talents of their kids that we had been able to support and develop at Tangalle Pre-school for the last two years. The parents highly appreciated our teachers’ dedication and commitment making their children’s performances possible.

There are 15 children graduating after a successful course at our pre-school.

We also organized some treats, such as cake, biscuits and bananas for the gathering. Finally, the kids were rewarded with a certificate and a gift that will help them for their first days at school next month.

Teacher Dilsha lighting the oil lamp

Children attending the event

Our youth hostel student Madushani MC'd the event

The girls in pink dresses welcoming guests

They extended their greetings to each side to cover every angle

Girls and boys dressed up in traditional Sri Lankan children's outfits.
This is a traditional dance to show the power of unity: "If we are
together, we are powerful," is the theme.

Village kids playing in an abandoned paddy field after school. We
don't see that very often anymore.

This is a story of two generations. The modern young generation
and the old generation that lived in the jungle are seen together.

A large sunflower is talking about nature and its preservation.

The ancient Sri Lankan (wadda) dance with hunting tools.

One last song about nature and its beauty.

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