Sri Lanka

Q2/2013 Progress Report

September 10, 2013

Stephney Minerva Fernando

Project Objectives:

  1. Support the community with free high quality healthcare services 
  2. Help to create a healthy community, especially amongst the younger generation

The clinic was opened 10 days per month to provide free healthcare services to the community of Yayawatta, Seenimodera in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, and its surrounding villages and communities of Palapotha, Kadurupokuna and Seenimodara.

For the Second Quarter of 2013, we saw an average of 20 patients per day with a total of 635 patients treated.

  • In the month of April, 214 patients were treated
  • In the month of May, 210 patients were treated
  • In the month June, 211 patients treated.

Success Stories
Sonal is the 1-year-old son of Mrs. Dimuthu who serves as the RMF Assistant to the Medical Consultant at our Clinic. He had recurrent episodes of fever for several weeks.  Sonal was referred to the Base Hospital of Tangalle and underwent many medical tests so he had to be kept inpatient in the Children’s Ward.  Tests included a full blood count and a C-reactive protein test as well as a chest x-ray. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, and started on IV antibiotics for a 3-day treatment which allowed him to recover from the pneumonia. However, during the course of his treatment, he contracted hand, foot and mouth disease and was prescribed topical acyclovir.

Mrs. Sriyani is a woman from Palapotha and came to the Clinic with pain and swelling in her right foot. She was diagnosed with severe cellulitis and referred to the Base Hospital in Tangalle for inpatient treatment. Mrs. Sriyani was fortunate as her illness was diagnosed early enough for her to make a full recovery.

(above) This is Mrs. Chitra, the new nursing officer who has been appointed by the government to do field work in rural areas. She visits Yayawatta every first Thursday of the month. This has been very helpful for the mothers and babies who come to the clinic. All the mothers from Yayawatta as well as the surrounding areas of Palapotha, Kadurupokuna, Moraketi-Ara and Seenimodera are aware of this program.

Mrs. Surancika is the mother of a 3-month-old boy. She lost her first child in the Tsunami of December 2004. Mrs. Surancika suffered from high blood pressure during her pregnancy. Because of RMF’s supervision and treatment, she delivered her baby safely; mother and child are both healthy.

The Koogan family from Australia donated some clothing to the Yayawatta community. They had been staying at Palm Paradise Cabanas at Goyambokka in Tangalle and had inquired there how to find people who had been affected by the Tsunami. They were directed by the hotel to the Real Medicine Clinic. The people of Yayawatta felt very grateful that they were chosen this many years after the Tsunami. Mrs. Dimuthu and Mrs. Lasanthie, of the clinic staff did a marvelous job organizing the community of Yayawatta to be present at the clinic to collect the clothes which the Koogan Family had brought from Australia to distribute among the needy people of the community.

Ravindi from Palapotha is 7 years old. She presented to the Real Medicine Clinic with shortness of breath and fever. Ravindi was diagnosed with bilateral bronchitis.  She was treated with a nebulizer while her labs were evaluated. Upon the return of her complete blood count, she was diagnosed to have a bacterial infection and was sent for a chest x-ray. She was then sent to Tangalle Base Hospital and admitted as an inpatient to be treated for bilateral bronchopneumonia.  Ravindi was treated with IV medication and has recovered. Her parents thanked Real Medicine Foundation for all of the help it gives to the people of Yayawatta and its surrounding communities.

Additional photos:

photo: a patient being evaluated for a respiratory disease

photo: staff organizing supplies before the clinic opens for the day

photo: Dr. Chamal at work

photo: patients waiting to be seen

photo: RMF clinic staff at work

photo: another happy patient

photo: patients wait their turn to be seen

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