Sri Lanka

Q2/2011: Yayawatta Clinic Report

August 1, 2011

Stephney Minerva Fernando

The Real Medicine Yayawatta Clinic is a community based project that is sponsored by The Real Medicine Foundation and managed by Mrs. Stephney Minerva Fernando, Project Coordinator for RMF in Sri Lanka with guidance and service support by Dr.Chamal Sanjeewa, special Medical Consultant to RMF.

The Real Medicine Clinic has been providing medical assistance since October 2006. With no resources to hire private transportation and no access to public transport, the clinic provides the only locally based medical care within the community, easily accessible and within walking distance of most villages and beneficiaries.

The clinic operates to serve individuals and families affected by the tsunami and provides them with direct medical support and care, psycho-social support, and livelihood support. Individuals utilizing clinic services are primarily displaced individuals from coastal areas who formerly relied on fishing activities as their primary source of income.

This project serves 2 sets of beneficiaries, direct and indirect. Members of the Yayawatta fishing community are direct beneficiaries, utilizing clinic services, while residents of Kadurupokuna, Palapotha & Seenimodara are indirect beneficiaries. Humanitarian activities are provided equally to all beneficiaries. Elderly men and women in these areas have the opportunity to access the clinic easily for any health issues. The clinic and other support helped them to access further investigations of their prolonged illnesses.

Second Quarter 2011 Reporting Period:

• The average patients treated per day was 21. There were a total of 33 new Patients during the Second Quarter, and total of 618 patients treated.

• The clinic continued to offer it's services 10 days per month. 

Patient Success Story:

Patient: Mrs. Devika Samarasinghe, 21 years old and married. 

A few months ago Devika had come to the clinic, 3 months pregnant with high fever and a very painful abscess under her right arm. Dr. Chamal examined her thoroughly but could not give her any treatment at the clinic due to her pregnancy and immediately referred her to the Surgical Ward at the Base Hospital in Tangalle for surgery and i.v. antibiotic treatment. 

After 2 weeks Mrs. Devika came again to the Clinic with the same symptoms and an abscess that was larger than the previous one. When asked about the prior referral to the hospital she revealed that she had gone to a Private Dispensary and they hadn’t treated her properly. Dr. Chamal sent her again to the Hospital with her husband. She was admitted to the Hospital and had the abscess removed surgically. Within a few days she was completely recovered and had returned to the clinic to thank Dr. Chamal. Now, returning to our Clinic again in July, with her newborn baby son Pasindu in her arms, Mrs. Devika is completely cured and is very grateful for the careful attention given to her at our Clinic. 

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