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Q2/2010: Yayawatta Primary Clinic Update

July 21, 2010

Jonathan White and Minerva Fernando

Our clinic, community outreach and health education programs continue to provide vital support to the Yayawatta Village and surrounding areas. The Clinic’s beneficiaries include the population of Seenimodara, Kadurupokuna and Palapotha. Having this convenient access to free healthcare is especially important for young mothers, children, and the elderly. The diseases we see most frequently are upper and lower respiratory tract infections, viral fevers, gastrointestinal tract infections, heart disease, hypertensive disorders, skin diseases and different forms of arthritis.

During the months of March, April and May a total of 642 patients were evaluated and treated at our free clinic.
 5 years after the Tsunami, the clinic’s doors are always open to all patients.
 Thorough care was taken to prevent and control a viral fever epidemic impacting the respiratory system that had spread throughout the area due to the drought. With the continuation of the medication and treatment, the number of sick children less than 5 years had dropped to 30.

The field visits of the Nursing Officer from the Government Health Authority continue to provide important information for mothers about proper methods of family planning.

Achievements during this three month period included:

  • Purchased medicine for the clinic for the month of March & April, ensuring the community that their medication would continue without interruption
• Kept special attendance records for children under 5 years old

  • Collected most of the information from the community for the upcoming Health is Wealth program during the festival season. We are hoping to have all the communities participate in this event with Drama, Art, and Essay competitions for both children and adults.

  • Repaired the tap line for water supply for clinic

  • Researched possibilities for supplying water to the overhead water tank as there is still no direct supply line connected to the Local Government Water Board

Success Stories


Amila is a regular visitor to the Clinic. He comes often and spends his time watching the activities at the Clinic. He is featured in the photo above, wearing a red shirt. After the Tsunami he started suffering from depression and had changed completely.

He also started engaging in destructive behaviors and had started to go out with friends who were abusing alcohol and smoking. After drinking he would frequently get into fights and quarrels with neighbors and family. RMF’s Medical Consultant, Dr. Chamal, spent hours with Amila counseling him and giving him necessary treatments and now, according to Amila and his family, he has finally gained some normalcy and direction in his life.

Nuwan Kumara

This is 3-year-old Nuwan Kumara from Kadurupokuna. His mother had come to the clinic to have him treated for an allergic reaction, including a red rash on his face and hands.

His mother complained that he had been scratching his face and hands after eating fish for dinner. Dr. Chamal subscribed a medical ointment to treat Nuwan’s allergy and after 3 weeks of treatment the allergy has gradually subsided and the rash has disappeared.

Hasini Malisha

Hasini Malisha is the 14-year-old daughter of Mrs. Samanthie who works at our Clinic. She had been suffering from an enlargement of her thyroid glands. She started having fainting attacks and was rushed to the Real Medicine Clinic at Yayawatta to be consulted by Medical Consultant, Dr. Chamal.

He prescribed treatment to control the attacks and made arrangements to consult the Senior Surgeon, Medical Consultant Dr. Percy Dias immediately.  Two blood samples were sent to Colombo to check her TSH and T4 levels. Medication was prescribed following the tests with the advice to continue the treatment and after 1½ months to return to the clinic for follow up blood samples and reports. Hasini Malisha is feeling much better with the treatment.

Miss K.G. Maggie

Miss. K. G. Maggie is an elderly woman from Kadurupokuna. She has been a regular patient at the Real Medicine Clinic. She has great difficulty walking ever since a tragic fall many years ago that dislocated her hip bone. Recently she was very sick and could not make the journey to the Clinic and had pleaded with Dr. Chamal to come see her at her home. When Dr Chamal visited her he found her in very bad condition with severe swelling and redness in the lower part of her legs. Dr. Chamal diagnosed her with cellulitis and treated Maggie with strong antibiotics, continued observation. She could be cured without admission to the local hospital, which Maggie was very grateful for.

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