Sri Lanka

Q1/2010: Yayawatta Primary Care Clinic

April 11, 2010

Jonathan White and Minerva Fernando

During the month of February, 196 patients were examined and treated by our Medical Consultant Dr.Chamal Sanjeewa at RMF’s clinic in Yayawatta. All communities in the area now have access to these free health care services. The elderly men and women are benefiting significantly with the convenient access to medical service. Many have been able to better understand their chronic health issues and receive the proper care to help alleviate them, resulting in less frequent visits.

During the month, in addition to general examinations, our clinic provided the following services:

  • 6 mothers obtained their family planning intramuscular injections (Depo Provera) and were prescribed contraceptive tablets.
  • 8 cases of respiratory tract infections were referred to the Base Hospital Tangalle for further investigations due to recurrent cough.
  • Purchase of more Vitamin Syrups such as Becadex, Aminoplus and Fersovite for the elderly.
  • Children received regular treatment for Influenza, coughs and colds.
  • The visits of the elderly to the clinic had decreased.
  • The Patient data system continues to keep the patient flow orderly and efficient.  

Direct Beneficiaries YAYAWATTA Village

Success Stories:

“This is Baby Induwara from Yayawatta and he is one year old. His mother had come three times to the clinic for treatment for Induwara who was suffering from a cough, cold and fever. Dr.Chamal referred the baby to the pediatric clinic at Tangalle Base Hospital for further investigation and there he was diagnosed with a severe respiratory infection (Burning Lung) and admitted for six days. He has since recovered and is now home.”

“This young boy is from Yayawatta. His name is Lahiru. Prior to the tsunami he led a normal life and got along with his peers. Still affected from the tsunami, he recently quit school and has become a burden to his mother. His constant fighting has resulted in his hospitalization numerous times. He often comes to the clinic for support and seeks and receives guidance from the staff.”

In support of the Government Health Family Planning Initiative, RMF’s Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa provided intra-muscular injections for the mothers in the community. These intra-muscular injections are administered every 3 months. 

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