Sri Lanka

Yayawatta Village Medical Clinic Update

February 17, 2009

Michael Lear, Director International Relations, Country Director, Sri Lanka

Now entering it's third year, the Yayawatta Village Medical Clinic provided free health care services to 2483 community members from four villages over the course of 2008. Other highlights included:

  • The joint publishing of Dr. Sanjeewa Chamal's award winning book on Family Health Care, which was funded by International Service Partners
  • An invitation to sponsor Global Children's Health Day hosted by First Lady Rajapaksa
  • RMF initiated it community outreach programs by conducting one day free clinics at local elementary schools

This year, to support cultural integrity, we intend on offering Ayurvedic Medicines through our clinic to meet the needs of those in the community wishing to adhere to traditional methods of maintaining wellness. We have also moved forward increase our activity in the field and plan to offer at least bi-monthly offsite clinics.

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