Sri Lanka

Update from the Field

May 31, 2009

Michael Lear and Minerva Fernando

The Dengue Fever outbreak in late February, early March marked an active period for our clinic. In addition to treating many new cases over the past few months and engaging in public education about the ways to control the spread of disease, we also participated in a region wide clean up to minimize the breeding of mosquitoes. Measures were taken to advise parents to be vigilant around their homes and to report any illness so children could be referred to the base hospital for further tests.

With the exception of these challenges, the clinic operations remained stable over the past quarter. Below are the clinic statistics and morbidity data as well as a number of photos from our Sri Lankan Team Leader and Project Coordinator, Mrs. Minerva Fernando.

The attendance of the patients for the month of May had increased to 210, with 78 male patients & 132 female patients getting treatment at the Clinic. The number of new patients has also increased.

50% of the patients suffered from viral fever and 20% of the patients had come with respiratory infections. Most of the elderly had come with joint pains and the percentage is 10. Diarrhea, skin diseases, urinary tract infections and others 5%.

In the month of March 2009, in 10 clinic days, 206 patients had obtained medical treatment at the Real Medicine Clinic. The number of female patients is higher than the number of male patients. Our patients were under heavy stress with many financial problems due to the economic downturn and devaluation of the currency.

About 60% of patients had fever/viral infections and 5% of the elderly had obtained treatment for joint pain/ arthritis. The percentage of these diagnoses had decreased because of regular treatment. The number of children treated for cough/cold/respiratory infections decreased, but the percentage of cases of vomiting/diarrhea/gastrointestinal infections had increased to 10%. Asthma cases decreased to 2% of cases treated. Our team continued referrals to the base hospital when warranted. 

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