Sri Lanka

Update from the Field

July 31, 2009

Michael Lear, Director International Relations, Country Director, Sri Lanka

On July 4th, 2009 Real Medicine Foundation held a ceremony to honor the efforts of the Yayawatta community to help clean the clinic premises to prevent the spread of Dengue Fever. In response to the outbreak of Dengue Fever earlier this year that took the lives of four children and two elderly community members, the local government required mandatory cleaning of all private and public premises.

The Yayawatta community joined together to ensure that the community center, the location of the Real Medicine Primary Care Clinic, was thoroughly cleaned according to the government directive. Below is the report from our Sri Lanka Project Coordinator, Mrs. Minerva Fernando.

RMF Shows Appreciation to the Community of Yayawatta
 By Minerva Fernando

Day by day the cases of Dengue Fever had increased. All the hospitals were packed to the brim with fever patients. The government had to close all area schools and started clean-up programmes with the relevant health authorities to introduce preventive measures. The health authorities had not only requested but also ordered the people to clear away their gardens and other areas that could be a breeding place for mosquitoes.

The government imposed fines to those who did not comply with the measures to safeguard and protect the local population and especially the children who were mostly affected by the deadly disease.

To show our appreciation for the Yayawatta community’s help with our clean up, a small gift was donated to those that participated in the effort. This activity was organized and coordinated by the clinic staff with the guidance of RMF Medical Consultant Dr.Chamal Sanjeewa, Project coordinator, Mrs.Stephney Minerva Fernando with the help of the RMF clinic staff, Mrs.Dimuthu and Mrs.Samanthi.

While the following document is addressed to me, it is Minerva that must receive full credit for this thoughtful gesture. It was her that brought the idea to my attention. Thanks Minerva for your commitment to the Yayawatta Community and fostering their ownership for the Clinic.

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