Sri Lanka

Palathuduwa Preschool Support, Q2/2012

September 28, 2012


  • Work with guardians and caretakers to assist in proper caretaking of the children;
  • Educate children in the area to ensure health awareness and proper sanitation;
  • Provide the children with nutritious meals;
  • Educate children about their environment, integrating eco-awareness and outdoor activities into   their routines;
  • Educate them about natural disasters and environmental pollution, including small skills they can utilize to help preserve their surroundings;
  • Diversity education about cultural and ethnic diversity in their community, including exercises aimed at increasing tolerance and understanding of differences;
  • Give lessons to children about modern communication technologies, including the use of mobile phones;
  • Continue Basic English knowledge education in a practical setting. 

Achievements this quarter:

  • Second term started on April 23rd.
  • 11 children in attendance with 3 teachers
  • New Year Festival Day on April 4th with our pre-school children, with costumes worn by children and parents attending the event.
  • New Year vacation from April 6th to 23rd.
  • On May 4th school held a “Darma Deshana” celebration at the pre-school for the Te Wesak festival
  • The overall children’s attendance at the school was good in the Second Term, two children were briefly absent with a cold.
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