Sri Lanka

Madura Madushanka – March 2010 Visit

March 29, 2010

On 11th of March 2010 Real Medicine staff accompanied the children in the program, who live in the Matara and Hambantota districts, to Ruhuna Medical College.

Two of the children, Fazeer Ahamed and Madura Madusanka live in Dickwella & Kamburugamuwa and Gayan Madushanka lives in Angunukolapelessa.

In addition to their physicals, Fazir and Gayan received replacement auto injectors to administer their treatments from A. Baurs representative Mrs. Shanuki.

A. Baurs will be providing back up auto injectors for the program to be held at Ruhuna College in the event there is a malfunction in one of the other children’s.

Madura Madushanka

At the time Madura had been diagnosed with Renal Tubular Acidosis and Chronic Renal Failure, he was eleven, yet was only 106cm tall and had the bone age of a child 4.5 years old.

He began receiving growth hormone therapy through Real Medicine’s program in 2007. Over the past three years he’s experienced steady growth and is now 122.6cm and weighs 21.5 kilos.

Madura is now 14 years old and attending the ninth grade. His mother is very happy with his progress. “He looks very healthy,” she said.