South Sudan

Q3/2011: Nursing & Midwifery College Update

November 10, 2011

Bilha Achieng

Project Goals:
To improve the quality of and access to professional health care services by imparting the necessary skills through a three-year diploma program in either nursing or midwifery at the first College of Nursing and Midwifery in South Sudan accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Juba University that offers a diploma of Registered Nursing and Midwifery Status. 

Project Objectives:

  1. Provide model courses in Registered Nursing and Registered Midwifery in the first National Health Training Diploma Institute in South Sudan
  2. Provide a curriculum recognized by all ministries associated with education in the GOSS
  3. Provide leading edge skills laboratory and library for the students
  4. Provide improved clinical setting for student training
  5. Provide highly qualified instructors and tutors for the duration of the three year program
  6. Provide an unprecedented model of health care sector capacity building for South Sudan
  7. Provide a sustainable solution to South Sudan’s Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate, the former, which is the highest in the world at 2,054/100,000 as per the 2006 South Sudan Household Survey.   Approximately 200,000 women die each year giving birth.   


Summary of RMF/WCF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective:
Implemented activities in-line with RMF sponsored activities and project objectives include:

  1. Support to the Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan and project partners in the coordination and implementation of project activities over the reporting period. Also in line with the approved college annual work plan.
  2. Continued facilitation of inter-linkages with UNFPA, MOH and other stakeholders in ensuring quality assurance in the implementation of both nursing and midwifery curricula in the diploma programme.
  3. Contribution of essential content by college tutors in the review of the draft diploma midwifery curriculum which will be later finalized and endorsed by the Ministry of Health for use by all Diploma National Health Institutes.
  4. Support for the payment of two lecturers contracted to offer consultancy services to tutor both the nursing and midwifery students on Pharmacology and Epidemiology.
  5. Procurement of stationery and office equipment for use by both students and tutors.
  6. Support in the purchase of airtime for the modems to be used for internet research.
  7. Repair and maintenance of college building and equipment eg: generator for use during the frequent power outages of the national electric grid.
  8. Support in the payment of monthly salaries of: college support staff, college national tutor capacity and college principal.
  9. Contribution towards the payment of meeting facilitation fee for the September Management and Advisory Board Meeting.

 Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

  1. JCONAM students are in the second semester of the first year. The nursing students completed their clinical rounds mid-September and are now undertaking theoretical learning. The midwifery students are in the hospital wards, rotated in the Midwifery Unit: ANC Ward, ANC Unit and Gynecology Ward. The nursing students were rotated among: Medical Ward, Surgical Ward and Pediatric Ward.   The college calendar year is scheduled to be completed in early December whereby the students will break off for their December Holidays and resume in January as outlined by the Ministry of Health for all National Health Training Institutes.
  2. The nursing and midwifery students of JCONAM were able to complete their first phase of Pharmacology and Epidemiology lectures during the months of July and August. Thereafter, they undertook examinations in both subjects, with the students performing well with more than 50% passing in both subjects.
  3. During the months of July-September, the Ministry of Health led the college in the establishment of its first Management and Advisory Board. The Board is currently reviewing its constitution and resolutions have been passed for the board to meet quarterly.
  4. Through the support of UNFPA, the college recruited 3 International United Nations Volunteer (IUNV) tutors to replace the initial contracted tutors for the college under a separate contract. The IUNV contract for the tutors has proved to be more long term and sustainable for the project. The college expects to receive the 4th IUNV tutor in early November.
  5. Through the support of JICA, burglar proof bars were constructed on the tuition block windows. This block contains the college seminar room and skills laboratory/practice room. However, additional bars are required for the administration block and additional classroom block.
  6. JICA has also begun the procurement process for the construction of the 2 additional classrooms, renovation of the existing classrooms and perimeter fence at the JCONAM.
  7. Construction of the students’ hostel, kitchen and mess hall by UNDP is currently underway and scheduled to be completed in early November.
  8. The college received a donation of 15 different textbooks-80 copies each for both nursing and midwifery from UNICEF. Additional books are also expected from WHO, UNFPA and UNDP during the fourth quarter.
  9. JCONAM was proud to receive both RMF and WCF as visitors to Juba in September and looks forward to the continued input and support of both organizations.

If applicable, plans for next reporting period:If applicable, plans for next reporting period:

  1. Continued implementation of both curricula and project annual work plan to facilitate the effective delivery of the diploma program
  2. Procurement of additional books, skills laboratory equipment, information technology, office equipment and uniforms for the college for the third quarter and first quarter of 2012
  3. Provision of technical support to the Ministry of Health in the review and endorsement of both nursing and midwifery curricula
  4. Review and endorsement of relevant college documents such as; rules and regulations, clinical objectives, terms of reference for a management and advisory board and college committees and the project partners’ memorandum of understanding.
  5. Coordination of partners engaged in construction work by UNDP and JICA at the Juba Teaching Hospital.
  6. Support the Ministry of Health to conduct a recruitment and selection exercise for the 2012 intake for JCONAM and other national health training
  7. Support resource mobilization initiatives to fund additional project activities such as: 2 additional classroom blocks, hostel facility for 60 students, a tutors’ residence, a storage facility for office equipment, a computer laboratory and procurement of a VSat and payment of monthly subscription for the provision of internet facilities.
  8. Provide funds to support the transportation of both nursing and midwifery students to return to their respective states at the end of the college calendar year.

Success story(s) highlighting project impact:

  1. Dr. Martina Fuchs (Founder and CEO of RMF) and the World Children’s Fund team visited South Sudan for the first time during the last week of September and honored the Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery with a week visit. The WCF team was led by Doug Kendrick who had previously travelled to Juba in 2009 during the inception of the project. Dr. Martina was accompanied by George Papuashvili-RMF photographer who captured the entire visit. Dr. Martina also had the opportunity to meet with RMF major partners-The Ministry of Health in addition; WHO, UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF, JICA, USAID, MSH-South Sudan, amongst others. The visit aimed at familiarizing her with the project and identifying avenues for future partnerships.
  2. The college project initiated a pilot project for diploma institutes in South Sudan and will receive a Strategic and Operationalization consultant in the 4th quarter. The hired consultant will be tasked to develop a working strategy for the college with the consideration of the post war situation and strategies of addressing the shortage of human resources for health through sustainable education.
  3. The college received notable attention from stakeholders and well wishers which culminated in several visits. These included:
    1. The newly appointed Minister for Health-H.E Dr. Michael Hussein Milly
    2. The JICA Resident Representative for the new Republic of South Sudan Mr. Atsushi Hanatani
    3. Program Director for Woi University newly established in Juba that would like to establish links in South Sudan.
  4. The college hosted a team of interview panel members comprising representatives from Uganda, Ministry of Education-Republic of South Sudan and UNFPA. The interviews conducted aimed at identifying midwives who would be sent out for Enrolled Midwifery Scholarship Programme in Uganda.
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