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Q3/2010: College of Nursing & Midwifery Update

October 8, 2010

Bilha Achieng and Jonathan White

This past third quarter witnessed the actual implementation of the plans put in place for the start of the first term for the Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery, under the co-ordination of the RMF/WCF sponsored Project Assistant Manager, Bilha Achieng.

Photo: First Class of Midwifery Students

As of December 2013, the Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery will have graduated an initial group of 40 students in both Nursing and Midwifery. They will be the pioneering class in Southern Sudan with Diploma level certificates. There is currently a very high shortage of this level of trained health care professionals within Southern Sudan at a time when the region has only just emerged from more than two decades of war. This has resulted in a large disparity between the demand and services offered by human resources for health.

Photo: First Class of Nursing Students

The students will be equipped with skills to provide services to the immediate and surrounding communities with Juba having a population of 140,396 as per the 2008 Sudan Population and Housing Census; Juba Teaching Hospital is Central Equatoria State’s major referral and teaching hospital. These skills involve general nursing care, birthing services, family planning, and skills in basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care. Equipped with these and other skills the students will increase access to and quality of health care services not only in Central Equatoria State but all also in the 9 other states.
The college is also providing direct and indirect employment to national and international tutors, cleaners, gardeners and watchmen and those providing food stuffs to the college.

Outlined activities for the third quarter in-line with RMF/WCF mission include:

1. Training of the first group of students for foundation courses in Mathematics, English and Biology
2. Review of the current diploma midwifery curriculum sent by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)
3. Recruitment of additional tutors for the 3-year programme in both nursing and midwifery
4. Training of students in technical nursing and midwifery courses
5. Beginning of the construction and renovation of the identified college site at the Juba Teaching Hospital.
6. Identification of practicum sites for the students’ clinical sessions
7. Recruitment of the Project Manager

Photos of construction beginning for administration buildings and labs

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during the Third Quarter:

1. The students completed their courses in Mathematics, English and Biology in the first week of August. Their performance in the 3 subjects greatly improved over the past 3 months with evaluation methods such as tests, quizzes and examinations. The college contracted temporary lecturers/consultants from Juba University to tutor the students in the 3 subjects.
2. The college conducted a late recruitment for midwife students to increase the class size from 12 to 20. This translated to a decrease in unit cost per student and also an increase to the number of students that will graduate in 2013.
3. The students began their nursing and midwifery courses on the 16th of August 2010. This was following the recruitment of 3 international tutors and 2 national tutors for the programme. They are 6 weeks into the course and are following clearly outlined curricula in both nursing and midwifery. The tutors have also developed a college calendar and master plan for both courses in line with Ministry of Health (MOH) requirements for all its Health Training Institutions (HTIs). Please find the college timetable attached.
5. Progress has been made by other project partners with: UNFPA increasing its funding allocation to the project. This will cater to additional budget items for the project.  Books, anatomical charts, models and IT support equipment to be procured by WHO are currently in Sudan but are yet to be cleared at Customs Office. St. Mary’s is currently planning to bring in their volunteer nurse, midwife and doctor tutors next year to support the permanent tutors.
6. JICA began construction and renovation work at Juba Teaching Hospital in July and this work is meant to run till mid/end of November 2010. Construction and renovation is to cover; the administration block, library, laboratory, on-the-job training for nurses and midwives at Juba Teaching Hospital class, washroom and conference facilities.
7. 15 students are currently being accommodated at the Public Health Training Institute. An additional 25 mattresses, 33 pillows, 45 bed sheets and curtains will be procured by JICA for all 40 students to be accommodated at the college premises. This will enable the students to be closer to the classroom facilities, and curb the problem of transport by the students from their homes to the college premises.
8. The project has received notable attention, recommendation and courtesy visits from several organizations/donor countries and government representatives namely; Government of Southern Sudan Minister for Health, Ministry of Health Undersecretary, Australian Aid Delegation, Canadian Aid Delegation and JICA Headquarters Delegation. All these visits have been made to acknowledge the importance of such an institute in Southern Sudan as a long term solution to the shortage of human resources for health.
9. The college was further boosted in August with the recruitment of a Project Manager- Sophia Nyame who is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with a wealth of experience in Project Management.

Success Stories

  • Through the new Minister for Health, Dr. Luka Monoja, the College was re-allocated for land at the Juba Teaching Hospital for the construction of additional classrooms, tutors’ residences, student hostels, and recreational facilities. The college is still waiting for the official entitlement for this land.
  • The Ministry of Health has fully embraced the college with the appointment of the Principal, Petronella Wawa and Tutor, Repent Khamis at national level. They have been identified as the focal people to steer the college and take over its management once the consortium of partners pulls out. It has further pledged to allocate resources for the college in the next year’s 2011-2012 Health Sector Budget Plan.
  • The students completed their foundation courses in Mathematics, English and Biology. Their performance has greatly improved with the tutors acknowledging their efforts to perform well academically.
  • Construction at the Juba Teaching Hospital successfully begun in July and is scheduled to complete in November. JICA has also pledged to procure furniture for the new structure and additional teaching and learning aids that will not be procured by WHO.
  • Global Fund recently signed the financial grant for the Round 9 Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) whereby the college is to benefit from its support in construction of additional structures at the Juba Teaching Hospital. The process of construction is however set to start in July 2011.
  • The college has also proposed several funding requests to the donor organizations for teaching aids to be supplied: ie additional books, journals and CD’s for the two courses. A reply will be due in the first week of October.

Photo: The whole team: Nursing and Midwifery students, Tutors/Teachers, and RMF Assistant Project Manager, Bilha Achieng (kneeling in front with white pants)

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