South Sudan

Southern Sudan College of Nursing and Midwifery

September 30, 2009

Michael Lear, Director International Relations, Country Director, Sudan

The political uncertainty and security concerns in Southern Sudan on the horizon associated with 2011 have many NGO’s anticipating a slowing of the decision making process within the government in the months to come. Our program however, remains central to the present mission within GOSS, The UN and now the U.S. Government, and is recognized as one of the most critical for Southern Sudan. Even with many potential obstacles, the College of Nursing and Midwifery is moving forward.

Over the past eight months, RMF has helped guide stakeholders forward to ensure the program gains traction within all participating organizations and has advocated for support within all International Aid organizations in Juba for contributions.

During this trip, I met key stakeholders within the college consortium. They included: Dr. Alexander Dimiti and Ms. Mary Marle UNFPA new Director General GOSS MOH HRD, Dr. Stanley Ambojoro, Janet Michael, Director General, Nursing & MW and her team, (pictured above), MOH DG Curative Medicine, Dr. Gabriel Loi, Head of Office UNDP Joe Feeney, Dr. Dragudi Buwa, Head of Office UNFPA, Dr. Robert Lobong, World Health Organization, Country Director, AMREF Mr. John Mwesigwa, JICA Chief Advisor to GoSS MOH HDR, Mr. Hiroyuki Kimura, and Head of OBGYN, Juba Teaching Hospital, Dr. Merghani.

New developments during this reporting period include:

  • The assignment of IUNV intern, Ms. Bilha Achieng as our in country coordinator for program activities.
  • To date, over 80 student applications from around the country (all 10 states) have been submitted for review.
  • Janet Michael, MOH and Vice Chancellor, Aggrey Abate of Juba University will meet to finalize the program accreditation status.
  • Mrs. Petronella Wawa has been selected principal of the College.
  • During his recent visit to Southern Sudan, UNFPA Regional Director from NY, Dr. Hafedh Chekir assured full support to get the needed human resources to initiate the program.
  • RMF is providing funding for IUNV’s in collaboration with the UNFPA
  • The WHO has agreed to contribute towards the provision of course materials and skills lab equipment – (budgeting to be determined – please see attached Midwifery equipment list provided by AMREF)
  • Janet Michael met with JICA to discuss collaboration on building structures for the school.
  • We’ve identified 3-4 potential school advisory board members.
  • Attended the monthly Health Care Sector forum
  • RMF participated in White House State Department debriefing with General (Ret) Scott Gration to better understand the implications of the CPA (Peace Agreement) and the pending referendum and upcoming election as they pertain to capacity building in Southern Sudan.
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