Update from the Field

October 1, 2009

Haamid Jaffer, Member, CHAL Network Steering Committee

CHAL Network came together to serve the physically challenged persons of the 8 October 2005 earthquake that hit Northern Pakistan. We committed oversight of rehab centres established by our Network partners for three years. It was foreseen that these centres would be integrated in the District HQ Hospitals that were under construction anew in Kashmir and NWFP.

Three fiscal years ended June 30, 2009. The DHQ Hospitals will take yet another two years to complete. By then young persons from Bagh, Besham and Battagram will qualify with a BSc degree from PIPOS Peshawar as prosthetists and orthotists. They will sustain the rehab centres and provide care to the affected persons in the future.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited Employees Welfare Trust agreed with us to ring-fence left over funds on 30 June 2009 to sustain rehab centres that have been under our oversight. Rs 75 million (under $1m) have been set aside. Income from this ‘Endowment’ will serve physically challenged persons, 70 spinal cord injury persons (SCIP) and a 100 amputee children in particular in the long term. We will continue to solicit funds, including zakat, to meet extraordinary expenses for such persons, in particular to make up shortfall on account of Rupee depreciation against international currencies and inflation. Components for modular limbs are imported from Germany.

Your Zakat and donations will help them today and in turn they will become contributors of Zakat and taxpayers in years to come. This in essence is true rehabilitation, to quote Sir Ludwig Guttman. We are indebted to you for having reposed the confidence in us and given generously in support of our cause. A detailed close out report has been uploaded in the Files section. If you have queries, please email: or write to us. Details of how you can help and send your contributions are given in the close out report available for download below.