Q3/2008: Update

July 8, 2008

Dr. Zahoor Uddin and Dr. Rubina Mumtaz

Despite restricted movement throughout the country due to increased security and political instability, the Real Medicine Clinic continues to see signs of it growing importance as one of the only sources of primary care in the region. During this last quarter it saw an 5% increase in visits up to 5,672 for the quarter. 34% percent of this increase was related to antenatal visits and family planning, new and critical services now provided by the clinic. This particular increase underscores the need for a fully staffed MCH center in this area.

Most of the diseases diagnosed and treated continue to result from the weather and living conditions of the patients. The majority of visits (34%), were attributed to acute respiratory Infections (ARI). Please refer to the morbidity report (link below) for more details information.

Another notable success is the mountain ambulance donated by Vital Edge. Having been put to great use already, a total of 31 emergency cases were referred to secondary and tertiary hospitals where critical care could be provided.

While our clinic continues to realize many successes it is still faced with considerable challenges. In additional to the volatile political climate, country-wide inflation, power outages that interrupt patient care, and the need for computer literate personnel for reporting continue to strains budget considerations as we seek to establish more stability and additional services to our ongoing operations.

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