Update from the Field

February 20, 2006

Omar Amir

The RMF/HOAP project received additional support from Merck Sharp and Dohme of Pakistan Ltd. With this backing, HOAP/RMF decided to upscale the project from 6 months to 2 years.

Dr. Kevin Thomas of the Real Medicine Foundation traveled to Pakistan in February to implement the second phase of the HOAP/Real Medicine earthquake relief operations. During his visit, Dr. Thomas traveled to the earthquake affected regions in Shawal Moizullah, worked with Dr. Nasrullah at the Jabri camp and distributed toys to children affected by the earthquake. Dr. Thomas had the opportunity, with the help of our partner organization, HOAP, to have a journalist from the Middleastern Braodcasting Co., accompany him to the Jabri camp. Along with HOAP leadership, Dr. Thomas met with Major General Farooq Ahmed Khan, Chairman of the Prime Minister's Federal Relief Commission to seek government support of our project.

As a result of the support by Merck and meetings with senior army leadership, some amendments were made to the original proposal for the primary health care project by HOAP/Real Medicine as follows:

  • The duration of the project has been expanded from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Instead of building a separate clinic, RMF/HOAP will provide medical services from the Basic Health Units that will be rebuilt by the Pakistan government by mid-March.
  • RMF/HOAP will focus on Shawal Moizullah but will also provide medical services in the adjoining Thalatta Union Council which was ravaged by the earthquake as well.
  • The comprehensive program of vaccinations, health education, preventive and curative services will be implemented as planned previously.
  • The medical staff at the BHU will be expanded to include a doctor, a medical technician, a dispenser, a lady health visitor (LHV) and an EPI technician.
  • Community health workers or lady health workers as identified previously in Shawal Moizullah will be trained and mobilized by RMF/HOAP.

A Memorandum of Understanding reflecting the above points has been signed by HOAP and Real Medicine.

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