Update from the Field

May 8, 2006

The HOAP-Real Medicine Health Project is successfully running the Health Unit in Jabri, Pakistan. We hired a full time MBBS doctor for the residents of UC Shohal Moizullah, District Balakot. We are also employing a medical technician, a dispenser and vaccinator; two of these employees are local residents. In addition, a Lady Health Visitor (LHV) from Alari, an area above the snowline was trained. She is mostly taking care of female patients and children.

The daily OPD in the Health Unit Jabri ranges from 30-40 patients per day; between February 1st and 28th, 2006, a total of 986 patients have been seen. Acute respiratory infections are the biggest ailment in this region, making up more than 30% of the OPD in the month of February. 11.7% of the patients suffered from diarrhea, 4.6% from dyspepsia. Anxiety/neurosis was diagnosed in 7.1% of the patients, 11.5% were diagnosed with generalized body aches and weakness. 3.0% of the patients suffered from scabies. 2.5% had urinary tract infections, 0.9% enteric fever. Diarrhea was found to be more prevalent in children less than 5 years of age.

The enclosed Morbidity Report has been sent to the Ministry of Health of Pakistan (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

HOAP had been operating a medical camp in Jabri, U.C. Shohal Moizullah, taking care of general out-patient cases, i.e. acute respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, injuries caused by the earthquake, infected wounds; as well as orthopedic cases and post-operative cases on a daily basis. Many people had been harboring diseases for very long periods of time even before the earthquake, but did not have the chance to receive medical care due to the inaccessibility of these regions. It were these groups of people who were the most vulnerable after the earthquake of October 2005.

Medical camp at Jabri – HOAP-Real Medicine Health Project

Real Medicine has partnered with the HOAP Foundation for our work in the Jabri medical camp. We initiated the "HOAP-Real Medicine Health Project". A Basic Health Unit in the area was destroyed by the earthquake, which was revived, the Jabri medical camp being the precursor to this BHU. Raising general health awareness and providing primary health care are the main objectives of this operation. Community mobilization and capacity building on grassroots level are features of the program as well. The HOAP-Real Medicine Health Project employs two full time doctors: Dr. Nasrullah is operating the medical camp in Jabri, while Dr. Zahoor coordinates and works with teams of local and international doctors.  

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