Update from the Field

June 14, 2006

Rubina Mumtaz

The HOAP-Real Medicine health project in Jabri, Pakistan is in full operation. With the change in the weather, the tent structure has been replaced with a transition structure of wooden frames and metal sheets, as the Government has not yet approved of permanent structure building in this earthquake affected area. With the burgeoning number of patients, there is a need to expand this structure further, a proposal that is under consideration.

A mountain jeep has been purchased that will function as the ambulance as well as transport for administrative purposes of the project. This will allow our resident doctor to make home visits and hence increase our access to patients unable to reach the clinic, such as the crippled and women who observe 'purdah'. A local driver who is familiar with the terrain has been hired for this vehicle.

During the months of March and April, a total of 2051 patients have been seen with 27% of this figure constituting children under 12. The gender ratio of men to women is 3:2. Acute respiratory Infections still make up the leading ailment making up 46% of the OPD. Diarrhea (6.5%), Dyspepsia (4.5%), general body aches (10.3%), UTI, scabies and worm infections (6.64%) and anxiety (3.1%) were the other common ailments. Two cases of neck stiffness and fever were seen and referred to the tertiary care hospital in Abbottabad for suspected meningitis. Gender variation for most ailments is insignificant except for complaints of 'general body weakness' which is dominated by women. 

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