Meet the Doctor

January 20, 2006

Omar Amir

Meet the doctor:

The Real Medicine Foundation has hired a doctor for the medical camp at Jabri. Dr. Nasrullah, our new doctor, is a general practitioner with experience in orthopedics and surgery. Prior to this assignment, he worked for 2 years at the Intensive Care Unit at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). Dr. Nasrullah has worked as a volunteer in the early response teams that were sent to the affected regions immediately after the earthquake, both through HOAP and other NGOs. He also volunteered in Jabri with the Real Medicine team when they first visited the region. Dr. Nasrullah hails from Baluchistan, Pakistan's south-western province, and is well acquainted with the needs of rural populations on the periphery.

Dr. Nasrullah will be permanently stationed at the Jabri camp for the next 6 months to provide quality medical care desperately needed by the people of Shawal Moizullah to survive the winter. He will also coordinate the implementation of a primary health care project envisioned by HOAP/Real Medicine that will yield long term benefits to the rural population.

As part of the project, Dr. Nasrullah will work with local female nurses/Lady Health Workers (LHWs) to be hired and trained by HOAP/Real Medicine. One local nurse/LHW will work with the doctor at Jabri and will be responsible for keeping family health folders and patient records for Shawal Moizullah as well as reporting alerts and weekly surveillance data to WHO. One local nurse/LHW will be stationed at Alari and will be responsible for house visits, surveillance and vaccination in the Alari zone. Similarly, the third nurse will be responsible for and stationed at the Kaleesh zone. The nurses will report to the doctor at Jabri and provide data, including follow-up data, from their respective zones. In addition to providing curative services, the LHWs will impart health education to the families in their zones and thus become an invaluable permanent resource for improving the health of communities in Shawal Moizullah once Real Medicine/HOAP have left the area.

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