Pakistan Earthquake Relief Update

December 17, 2005

The Real Medicine Foundation's Team Asia has been working in collaboration with HOAP Foundation in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, an organization which has been running emergency relief operations on the ground ever since the October 8 earthquake killed more than 80,000 persons and left more than three million without shelter. The relief efforts have been targeted at the worst-hit areas and have offered services like food, clothing, shelter, tents and medical camps.

A team of volunteers comprising of Dr. Giorgio Pietramaggiori of Brigham & Women's Hospital, as well as Dr. Fabian Toegel and Ms. Helen Ouyang from the Harvard School of Public Health are flying to Pakistan for 2 weeks to help set up medical camps in collaboration with HOAP foundation.

The Team will set up an infrastructure which includes the medical facilities required as well as the recruiting and training of local doctors and health workers who will follow a rotational system in which the camps will be staffed continuously until the end of winter in the Himalayas.

The Real Medicine Foundation's team leader for Asia – Pakistan, Rubina Mumtaz DDS of the Harvard School of Public Health has arranged for the group to meet up with the Federal Minister of Health, Mr. Mohammed Naseer Khan, and Dr. Syed Fazle Hadi, the Executive Director of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad which is the country's largest medical facility.

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