Third and Fourth Flood Relief Camps Huge Success

September 29, 2010

On Saturday September 25th and Sunday the 26th, Real Medicine Foundation held a third and fourth Free Medical Camp for Flood Victims in Aman Garh (Pabbi Tehsil), Nowshera District, Pakistan. This most recent outreach effort was very effective, treating over 4,600 patients in two days, and was made possible by a generous charitable grant by Google Inc. and other individual donations.


In total

  • 2,365 patients were treated on Saturday, September 25
  • 2,291 patients were treated on Sunday, September 26
  • A total of 4,656 patients were treated in 2 days

Of these 4,656 patients

  • 70% were female
  • 30% were male
  • 27% were children

Since the team consisted of 40 medical doctors (19 on Saturday & 21 on Sunday) representing a wide range of specialties, the final figures of specialized care made possible are as follows:

  • 638 patients – OPD
  • 120 patients – general surgery
  • 560 patients – dermatology
  • 230 patients – ophthalmology
  • 198 patients – ENT
  • 1,257 patients – pediatrics
  • 893 patients – OB/Gyn
  • 100 patients – orthopedics
  • 130 patients – dentistry
  • 374 patients – miscellaneous, such as general body aches (not specifically to categorize according to WHO criteria)
  • 210 patients presented with illnesses such as severe gastroenteritis with dehydration, suspected meningitis, acute abdomen , burns, acute appendicitis, severe injuries, major infected wounds and acute jaundice syndrome. They were referred to tertiary hospitals for follow up and advanced care. Our team of doctors will be able to follow these patients at the hospitals they work.

The response from the community was tremendous. Since this camp was registered and approved of by Government officials, politicians and religious leaders were grateful and appreciative. Patients arrived from more than 12 surrounding villages since the medical camp location we had chosen was strategically and centrally located.





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