Healthcare outreach to Gure

July 7, 2013

Salau Rotimi


Real Medicine Foundation, supported by World Children’s Fund, has partnered with the Kwara State Ministry of Health, the Nigerian Youth Service Corps and the Gure Gwassoro Ward Development Committee to support the previously abandoned Gure Model Health Center. Situated near the Nigeria/Benin Republic border, the clinic is the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government Area and its surrounding towns. Patients even cross the border from the Benin Republic to seek treatment at the clinic.  Nigeria has the 4th lowest survival rate of children under five out of 191 countries, a child mortality rate of 140 per 1,000, and a maternal mortality rate accounting for 10% of the global burden of maternal deaths.  

Photo: A group of Malnourished children in a village near our clinic

Project Objectives: 

  • Human capacity building and upgrade of the clinic for better health care delivery
  • Provide regular medicines and medical supplies to the clinic
  • Provide support to existing medical Personnel
  • Investigate solar electrical supply
  • Borehole for drinking water and water to clinic
  • Review urgent needs to increase the quantity of patients treated and quality of treatment
  • Prepare larger project quotes for capacity improvement (solar power/ borehole drilling)

Summary of RMF/WCF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective:

  • Treatment of patients at the clinic, focusing on Malaria, Maternal Child care, and prenatal care and observation
  • Maternal and Child Health trainings and outreach being conducted for new mothers
  • Immunization of Newborns
  • Treatment of Malnutrition cases in village outreach
  • Provision of Medical Laboratory services
  • Continued purchase and delivery of medicines and medical supplies
  • Provision of Dental care services for patients in the community

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period: 

  • 6, 894 patients were treated at the clinic during the Third Quarter
  • Medicine Delivery: Essential medicine and dental supplies purchased in September.
  • Basic Laboratory Reagents/Facilities:  Basic laboratory tests are being conducted in the clinic to facilitate better health care delivery versus the previous referral to Ilorin.  Additional laboratory reagents to facilitate the diagnoses of diseases to ultimately improve health care were purchased in August and delivered at the clinic.

Number served/number of direct project beneficiaries:

6,894 patients were treated in Q3 2012

Success Stories & Patient Photos:

By Salau Rotimi

A 43 year old Fulani man was brought to the clinic by his elder brother from Okuta town, about 65 kilometers away from Gure. He had been self-medicating but had found no significant relief so he came to the clinic. His main complaint/symptom was stool that was mucoid and bloody. On examination, he was conscious, lethargic, not pale, and afebrile (Temp. 36.10C) with blood pressure at – 100/60 mmHg; PR- 60 b/m, RR- 16 c/m.  Abdomen examination- Full movement with respiration and area of tenderness. An assessment of dysentery was made, and he was treated with antibiotics and rehydrated. His condition improved significantly and he was discharged.

A 38 year old pregnant woman from Gure town came to the clinic with fever and generalized body pain. On examination- conscious, not pale, febrile (T-38.20C). BP- 100/60 mmHg, PR- 94b/m, RR- 18c/m, weight- 50kg. Abdomen – enlarged uterus, fundal height 34/52, longitudinal lie, cephalic presentation, ROA and a fetal heartbeat-heard. She is a regular visitor to our clinic on antenatal checkups, and upon investigation she tested positive for the Malaria parasite. She was treated with antimalarials and antipyretics and recovered quickly.

The above photo is a group of children who are malnourished and range in age from 5 to 9 years old. Their village is 8 kilometers from the Gure Clinic. On a medical outreach visit to them, they complained of lack of potable water with their current source being a stream. RMF is looking into possible solutions to this problem.

A 28 year old man came to the clinic from Yankakorili, 4 kilometers distance. He had been sick for two weeks and had been taking herbs to no effect. He did not show up at the clinic earlier because he thought his financial constraints would prevent treatment. The village head was aware of his predicament and brought him to the Gure Health Care Clinic, where he was diagnosed with Malaria and treated free of charge. He thanked the village head for his gesture and also the Real Medicine Foundation.

An elderly man from Yondaku’s Village, about 8 kilometers to Gure town was brought to the clinic by his son. He had been sick for 2 weeks with no proper treatment.  On examination, he was conscious and not pale and an assessment of jaundice was made. With treatment at the clinic his condition improved and he was discharged home.

A 4 month old boy was brought to the clinic by his mother from Kuburu, a distance of 6km. He presented with a history of excessive crying. On examination- conscious, irritable, febrile (T-37.90C), not pale. Respiratory Tract- RR 40c/m and chest was not clear.  An assessment of a lower respiratory tract infection was made. He was treated with antipyretics and antibiotics and recovered quickly. His relatives were happy about the treatment given by Real Medicine Foundation, because he is the only boy of the family.

An 8 month old child was rushed to the clinic by his parents on account of passage of loose stool, vomiting, abdominal disturbances and dizziness.  There is no source of potable water in their village and food is very poor, due to financial constraints. On examination, the child was rehydrated but did not require any medication.

An elderly man from Yondaku’s Village, about 8 kilometers to Gure town was brought to the clinic by his son. He had been sick for 2 weeks with no proper treatment.  On examination, he was conscious and not pale and an assessment of jaundice was made. With treatment at the clinic his condition improved and he was discharged home.

A 25 year old man named Umar Lafia from the Sabo area of Gure was rushed to the hospital by his siblings. His complaints were vomiting and passage of loose stool for 5 days.  On examination- lethargic, not pale, afebrile. An assessment of gastroenteritis was made and he was treated with intravenous fluids and antibiotics, and recovered quickly. He appreciated RMF and also solicited for provision of potable water.

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