Nigeria: Gure Clinic Progress Report

March 9, 2011

Rotimi Salau and Jonathan White

Summary of RMF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective (note any changes from original plans):

  • Treatment of patients at the clinic, focusing on Malaria, Diabetes and Prenatal care and observation
  • Continued purchase and delivery of medicine and medical supplies; additional mattresses, cleaning supplies, and other general supplies to continue the improvements to the clinic’s service.
  • Upgrading the Head Doctor’s living quarters that are attached to clinic building with TV/Satellite
  • Upgrading of drug storage room with Air Conditioning and Generator

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

  • Purchase and delivery of medicine and medical supplies to the clinic
  • Continued the significant increase in patient turnout due to key medicine supplies and increased motivation of staff. Patient numbers have risen dramatically again to 1,183 in November and 1,716 in December.
  • Payments of remuneration/incentives to Mr. Rotimi Salau, Dr. Adeniran
  • New Project Director, Mr. Rotimi Salau, Director of Programs for the NYSC program for Kwara State, purchased and delivered much needed items to the clinic including medicines, medical supplies, and the A/C unit, generator, TV, Satellite. 
  • Evaluation of patient situation and the dramatic increase in cases treated.
  • Identifying the most urgent needs for the new year.

Impact this project has on the community

RMF/WCF’s presence has strengthened the faith in the Gure Clinic. Health care provision is being continuously improved; continued focus on the improvement of relationships between the community and all involved parties.
Weekly immunizations are maintained. Word of the regular resupply of medicine and supplies has spread through the entire surrounding community and the clinic is now seeing as many as 500 patients per week.

The new interior of the clinic provides a more hygienic setting for health care and has set an example to the community to maintain better hygiene at home. Hygiene education outreach is being conducted.

Number served/number of direct project beneficiaries

Clinic activity varies depending on the weather and access to the health center. We saw a significant increase in patient turnout due to key medicine supplies and increased motivation of staff. Patient numbers rose more than 100% from the last report in September.

Because of the presence of RMF/WCF and the return of hope for more comprehensive medical services, the long abandoned Gure Model Health Care Clinic is experiencing a huge increase in improved activities; catalyzing further improvement in the relationship between the community and all involved parties, including Government stakeholders.

This is the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government area and surrounding towns. Patients even cross the border from the Benin Republic to seek treatment at the clinic.

Patient Success Stories:

Adebayo Alao is a young man who presented with severe dehydration, nausea and vomiting due to the ingestion of dirty water. He was placed on IV antibiotics and Haematinic, and was later discharged home in good condition.

Buyun Mohammed is a young boy who presented to the clinic with a severe diarrhea. He was diagnoses with Typhoid fever due to drinking unclean water. He was discharged after 2 courses of antibiotics and IV rehydration.

A patient presented with Anemia secondary to Malaria. The patient was placed on IV Quinine, Paracetamol, and Haematinic (Multivite), and recovered within a period of five days.

Members of the community who have already been managed for water borne disease being counseled by the clinic staff on safe water drinking habits.

An infant (Rukayat Suleiman) presented with chronic cough which was later diagnosed as pneumonia, managed and discharged home with antibiotics and anticough medicine.

A young lady (Rakiyat Mohammed) who presented to the clinic with acute malaria being attended to by the doctor on duty. She was treated for one week.

Sanusi Galadima presented with severe diarrhea and was later diagnosed with Gastroenteritis which was properly managed after a double course of antibiotics, and was later discharged.

Lateef Agekigbe was involved in a kerosene explosion. He was rushed to the clinic for prompt attention and management. He was placed on antibiotics, Haematinics and analgesics. He is now back on his feet hale and hearty.

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