Nigeria: Q2/2011: Gure Clinic Report

August 29, 2011

Photo: Women attending maternal and child health presentation at the Gure Clinic

Project Goal:

Upgrade of the existing clinic and managing of the clinic according to RMF/WCF’s global standards, improving hygiene, function and safety as well as standard of medical operations; restore community faith in clinic’s operations.

Project Objectives:

  • Human capacity building and upgrade of the clinic for better health care delivery
  • Provide regular Medicines and Medical supplies to the clinic
  • Provide support to existing Medical Personnel
  • Investigate Solar electrical supply
  • Bore Hole for drinking water and water to clinic
  • Review urgent needs to increase the quantity of patients treated and quality of treatment
  • Prepare larger project quotes for capacity improvement (Solar power/Bore Hole Drilling)

Summary of RMF/WCF-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period under each project objective (note any changes from original plans):

  • Treatment of patients at the clinic, focusing on Malaria, Maternal Child care, and prenatal care and observation
  •  Continued purchase and delivery of medicines and medical supplies
  • Provision of Medical Laboratory services
  • Plan to provide Dental care services for patients in the community
  • Plan to provide Borehole for the clinic
  • Provision of incentives for Mr. Salau and Dr. Adeniran

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

Medicine Delivery:
Essential medicine supplies to last 3 months (July – September 2011) have been purchased and delivered at the clinic.

Cleaning Supplies and Malaria Nets:
Anti-Malarial treated Nets, disinfectants, and detergents (Izal, Omo and Detol) to last 3 months have been purchased and delivered at the clinic to maintain the required hygiene standards.


Dental Care Supplies:
Based on the recommendation of Dr. Adeniran (Dentist), Dental Care Consumables were purchased and delivered to the clinic. The provision of these items marked the commencement of very basic dental health care delivery services at the clinic by Dr. Adeniran, on a once a week (i.e. Saturdays) basis.

Basic Laboratory Reagents/Facilities:
The moribund existing laboratory in the clinic has been reactivated by the purchase of basic reagents and facilities. Now basic laboratory tests are being conducted in the clinic to facilitate better health care delivery versus the previous referral to Ilorin.

Number served/number of direct project beneficiaries (for example, average number treated per day or month and if possible, per health condition):

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