Nigeria: Gure Clinic Progress Report

December 7, 2010

RMF/WCF’s presence has continued to strengthen the faith in the Gure Clinic. Health care provision is being continuously improved; continued focus on the improvement of relationships between the community and all involved parties.  The Gure Model Health Care Clinic is the only access to healthcare for a population estimated at 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government area and surrounding towns.  Patients from The Republic of Benin continue to cross the border to Nigeria for treatment at the Gure Clinic. 

The new interior of the clinic provides a more hygienic setting for health care and has set an example to the community to maintain better hygiene at home. Hygiene education outreach is being conducted.

Because of the presence of RMF/WCF and the return of hope for more comprehensive medical services, the long abandoned Gure Model Health Care Clinic is experiencing a huge increase in improved activities; catalyzing further improvement in the relationship between the community and all involved parties.

Accomplishments from September through the end of October, 2010:

  • Treatment of patients at the clinic, focusing on Malaria, Diabetes and Prenatal care and observation
  • Continued purchase and delivery of medicine and medical supplies; additional mattresses, cleaning supplies, and other general supplies to continue the improvements to the clinic’s service.
  • Analysis and reporting by new Project Director, Mr. Salau Rotimi, on where the next disbursement of funds is best used to continue to raise the number of patients treated.
  • Purchase and delivery of $2,000 worth of medicine and medical supplies to the clinic (Supply delivery pictured below)
  • Significant increase in patient turnout due to key medicine supplies and increased motivation of staff. Patient numbers rose more than 600% in the month of October. 
  • Purchase of basic clinic equipments and needs: Mosquito nets, Baby Crib/Cart, Delivery table, Mattresses, Bedding, Stethoscope.
  • Painting of clinic to fit RMF standards for bright and clean medical clinic (after ongoing discussions, we were able to paint in lighter colors instead of the existing dark brown).
  • The Gure project has been awarded the 2010 PRESIDENT/NYSC Honors Award due to RMF/WCF collaboration.  The ceremony will be coming up at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, between 4th and 6th December 2010. Report to follow.
  • New Project Director, Mr. Rotimi Salau, Director of Programs for the NYSC program for Kwara State, purchased and delivered much needed items at the clinic including medicines, medical supplies, such as IV drips and stethoscopes, as well as mattresses, cleaning supplies, and bedding.

Success Stories

Mr. Bio Bata, a farmer, is seen here on admission. He was being managed as a case of acute lobar pneumonia, and he subsequently improved with successful antibiotic therapy.

Mr. Sule Gambari, is seen with an IV infusion, receiving treatment for a case of malaria with upper respiratory tract infection.

Mr. Usman Lafia came into the clinic following a road traffic accident involving a fall from a motorcycle. He was managed applying daily wound dressings, antibiotics and vitamin supplements. He is now healthy and has since returned to his normal life activities.

Waliyat Ibrahim is an infant and one of many children treated for severe malaria at our clinic. She received a blood transfusion and was treated with antimalarials. She has since gotten well and was discharged.

Baby Bashiru Musa was treated for fever, cough and catarrh for the duration of one week as an outpatient. He recovered after 3 days following strict adherence to medications.

Shellilat Gunu came into the outpatient clinic with lower abdominal pain and vomiting. She was managed and treated as a case of symptomatic helminthiasis, and has subsequently improved.

Dado Adama is seen here on the right with a locally made pendant on her chest (charm) which is a traditional method of treating some diseases. With continuing education about issues like this, the staff and doctors are slowly changing the community’s attitude towards western medicine.

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