Gure Model Healthcare Project Update, Nigeria

April 8, 2010

Jonathan White and Michael Lear with reporting from Dr. Ejughemre Ufuoma

The Gure Model Healthcare Clinic Initiative has continued to strengthen and improve its facilities and services over the past few months. The clinic is currently the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government area and surrounding towns. Patients from the Republic of Benin also continue to cross the border for treatment at the Gure Clinic.

Over the past three months the clinical upgrade has continued with the goal of improving the hygiene, function and safety of the existing clinic and restoring the community’s faith in its operations. The new interior of the clinic provides a more hygienic setting for healthcare and has set an example to the community to maintain better hygiene at home.

The first phase of the clinic upgrades have been completed and included the following:

• Painting and deep cleaning of the clinic interior
• Weekly vaccination program
• Assembly/installation of screens for windows and doors
• Initial supplies of medicine
• Provide mattresses

RMF’s presence over these past few months has strengthened the faith in the clinic to the degree that during the off-clinic months, patients continued to seek out treatment. Weekly immunizations were also maintained. The people of Baruteen take pride in the clinic and are enthusiastic about the impact of RMF each time they enter the clinic. The number of people that now use the clinic daily is steadily increasing.

Phase II upgrades include:

1. Continued supply of medications, purchase of 3-month supply (fill gaps in supplies from government)
2. Supply of additional medical equipment
3. Coordinate bore hole drilling/solar electricity installation
4. Procurement and installation of a repeater to improve GSM signal strength within the clinic
5. Staff training – consideration of continuing education support/training
6. Assessment of maternal care/midwifery needs – consideration of continuing education support/training

As part of our commitment to this project we are working closely with Kwara State’s newly appointed Permanent Secretary of Health, Dr. A.A. Amuda, as well as Mr. Efion Imoujoh of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corp, and the Honorable (Alh) Abdullahi O. Kilishi of the Gure Gwassoro Ward Development Committee. Real Medicine Foundation’s Project Coordinator, Dr. Ejughemre Ufuoma and all stakeholders jointly signed our program’s MoU.

‘‘Since the inception of this health facility in 2003, many doctors came and left, but Gure community has never been lucky enough to enjoy the services of a doctor like Dr. E. Ufuoma (pictured here). He made international connections that will give long term benefit to this facility’’.
– Hon(Alh) Abdullahi Kilishi Gunubera, WDC Chairman

Mr. Attah, a Ghanaian resident in Gure and his daughter who was treated of acute malaria using a combination of Coartem & Chloroquine. Her recovery was dramatic.

Musa is about 2 years old. He was suffering from severe acute diarrhea. He was successfully treated with oral rehydration therapy.


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