Primary Care Clinic, Nigeria

July 22, 2008

Sope Ogunyemi


We are refocusing the Nigeria project and exploring establishing the first clinic at a new site, in the Aguda neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria. The area is a good potential site because it is a densely populated, low income area with no access to primary health care. Also, the neighborhood is located within the city of Lagos, allowing for ease in logistical planning and execution for the free clinic.

The population to be served is approximately 100,000. Most of the residents are predominately poor and few would classify as low income earners. It is a high density area and most homes are rented one or two room apartments, with dilapidated infrastructure, badly ventilated rooms, poor sanitary conditions and no pipe borne water. The area would greatly benefit from complimentary basic health care, as it does not have any such facility. Current remedies in the area are either non-medical or out of price range for the local residents.

We are extremely excited to have identified an on-ground NGO partner, Afodise, to take over the long term management of the Nigeria clinic, with the hope of establishing multiple centers across Nigeria. Afodise has already established health care clinics in low-income areas in other parts of Nigeria. See below for more information on Afodise.

We are working to establish the facility as soon as possible and estimate that the time to launch the clinic will be 6 months, or January 2009. Real Medicine Nigeria Project Director will be visiting potential sites and meeting with partners in Lagos during August/September 2008.

Project Status

Name of Clinic: TBD
Type: Primary Healthcare Center will provide Basic Health Services. The clinic will be established as a "Build, Operate and Transfer" facility (BOT). Real Medicine Foundation will establish the clinic and transfer the running to a local Non-government organization Afodise, in partnership with the Lagos State Government, for long-term management.


Lagos State Ministry of Health: RMF Board Member, Dr. Ogunyemi, has secured commitment from the Honourable Commissioner of Health, Lagos State, Dr. Jide Idris, to support the clinic, by providing free medication. Additional Support TBD

AFODISE (African Foundation for Development of Infrastructure and Social Services in Rural Communities) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-political, organisation formally registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. The organization began operating as a family charity in 1955 and focuses on sustainable development of basic infrastructure and social service in rural communities. AFODISE currently serves as one of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)'s Implementing Agents for Akwa Ibom State, and represents NGOs/CBOs on the UNDP/State Trust Fund and the State Project Consultative Committee (SPCC) of the UNDP. AFODISE has also facilitated the establishment of a Health Center by the Akwa Ibom State Government (in Oboetim Nsit), commissioned in 1995, and which currently caters for the needs of the village and its environs.

Next Steps: We are currently working with our partners to reach out to Aguda community leaders for support and to secure a building for the clinic. More updates to come soon.

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