Update from the Field

December 31, 2006

Nkem Ndionuka

We met with the community leaders and introduced them to the proposal of RMF.

As expected, it was a great occasion for them which was evidenced in the warm reception accorded us. It was really really great! In the company of Mrs. Balogun we kept an earlier appointment and for about 3 hours had discussions and interactions after which we arrived with the following:

The makoko community is highly delighted about the news of RMF.

The community is in dire need of such projects for which RMF is known.

The community is ready to partner with RMF by providing a place for the clinic's location.

The community comprises of people from neighbouring countries like Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana and Cameroon whose only source of livlihood is subsistence fishing.

The only standard healthcare services are provided by a little clinic run by the Catholic Church, although attendance is poor due to costs.

Lastly, the community leaders called yesterday to thank us for the visit. I was assured that the news of our visits has spread and that a larger community forum will meet to formally invite us as soon as possible.

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