High Impact Below the Public Eye

December 15, 2008

Michael Lear, Director, International Relations, Jim and Debbie Taylor, Country Directors, IDE Myanmar

Not even a year has passed since Myanmar was devastated by one of South East Asia's most severe cyclones in decade, a media event that came and went quickly yet an event that continues to challenge the lives of millions each day. While the public has forgotten those who lost loved ones, do not have access to food, fresh water or shelter, Real Medicine Foundation has not, and continues to provide critical support to hundreds of thousands of victims in the Irrawaddy Delta through our partners IDE, International Development Enterprises.

With Real Medicine’s support, our partners IDE, were able to provide 1,170 destitute families with emergency shelter in hard hit villages. Also provided were 50 emergency drinking water containers (200 gals) for villages, which were also used to collect vital rain water during the monsoon period which provided clean drinking water from June through September. Food Supplies and Rice were provided to especially needy families encountered during the shelter and water distribution.

“We have moved well past the emergency relief phase now. Our current efforts are helping small farm families re-establish their farming activities – rice & vegetable growing primarily — so they can earn incomes again”. – Jim Taylor

Challenges remain yet the hope for these families stays alive. Many said it was heartening to know that people from the outside world cared about them. Immediately after the storm, they simply did not know what they were going to do.

Please click here to donate to Cyclone Nargis Relief. For more information on International Development Enterprises (IDE) please click here. Here is the link to IDE Myanmar –

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