Q2/2011: Mobile Clinic Project

July 28, 2011

Teresa Mendoza, Regional Director and Dr. Martina Fuchs

Project Goal:
To improve the quality of life and provide access to health services, particularly access to maternal-child healthcare and anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and other diseases.
To provide access to healthcare in remote areas of Zambézia Province, Mozambique, especially those areas devastated by the floods of 2007 and 2008.


Summary of RMF/MMI-sponsored activities carried out during the reporting period:

Activities this quarter have included two areas:
a) routine support to Macuse and Mexixine localities in Namacurra District through the planned MC visits;
b) participation in health fairs at specific events in the province (see further details in Health Fairs table below);
c) Additional activities, including:

  • The Mobile Clinic participated in the National Campaign for vaccination against measles, deworming and Vitamin A Supplementation, from May 23 – 27, working with 15 health staff.
  • Blood drive to collect Blood Donations for the Blood Bank of Pebane (see attached Success Story)
  • Transportation of medicines and medical materials from Quelimane to Namacurra on April 19

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period: Namacurra & other Districts:

Impact this project has on the community (who is benefiting and how):
During this quarter the Mobile Clinic strongly supported the Health Fairs organized in close collaboration with Pathfinder, the Training Institutes (IFPQ, IFPM, ICSQ), Provincial and Districts Health Directorates.

The Mobile Clinic continues to successfully reach populations whose access to health services is very limited in rural localities of Namacurra District as well as provide support the Provincial Health Fairs in other districts. Other partners are also requesting the presence of the MC in special events. 

Success/Patient Story:

Blood Mobile:
During the Pebane Health Fair in early April, the Mobile Clinic was able to collect 11 units of blood, in a time when the Pebane Hospital was encountering a shortage in this life-saving product. The lack of blood supply became a critical issue, according to the district laboratory chief, Mr. Lino Eusébio Boramela, who stated,  “For more than a week we only had 2 units of blood in the blood bank, and these were not usable because they were Type A (a blood group rarely needed).”
The initiative to use the Mobile Clinic to collect blood was a success. This is the first time donated blood has been collected away from the health facility. In the past, community blood drives have been attempted but were not successful at collecting even one unit of blood.

These 11 units of blood which were collected will serve approximately 10 adult patients, or potentially more for pediatric cases, depending on the amount of blood requested.

The health workers found the space in the mobile clinic to be quite reasonable, mainly because it has a very comfortable exam table. Donors even expressed interest in forming a district group of blood donors to help spread the word about the importance of donating blood as well as find ways to attract more volunteers, such as incentives and targeted messages.  Mr. Boramela discussed this with the donor group and arranged to have future meetings on a quarterly basis.

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