Q3/2010: Mobile Clinic Progress Report Update

October 6, 2010

Jonathan White and Dr. Troy Moon

Our Mobile Health Clinic program in Mozambique continues to be a very effective way of delivering health care services to this rural area of the country. During the second quarter of 2010, RMF partner Friends in Global Health/Vanderbilt worked in close coordination with the DPS and DDSs (Provincial and District Health Directorates) to carry out our healthcare outreach to the villages of Macuse and Mexixine, located in the Namacurra District.


During the reporting period, the direct target population was focused on the populations of Macuse and Mexixine in Namacurra District, and relatives of patients in the health facilities of both villages. The mobile clinic also helped support the Namacurra district vaccination campaign in the communities of Macara, Macurrine and Malei in April, and participated in the City of Quelimane Health Fair.

As usual the main activities carried out through the Mobile Clinic during this reporting period were related to activities that gathered community residents and families of patients at the relevant health facilities. The main services provided were HIV prevention, care and treatment, TB prevention and care, prevention of cervical and breast cancer, blood pressure control, vaccination of women and children, distribution of vitamin A and mebendazole, public education regarding the importance of adherence to ARV treatment, proper use of condoms and malaria prevention. A new type of activity was initiated in this quarter: a theater opera on HIV prevention and testing performed by community activists.


Over 2,333 people visited the Mobile Clinic during the activities carried out during April through the end of June. We estimate that, if extended to the relatives (5 per person) of the direct beneficiaries, the indirect beneficiaries are approximately 10,000.

After 8 months of operation, a major overhaul of the mobile clinic was needed. The mobile clinic was sent to the EVC garages in South Africa where maintenance and some minor modifications were carried out. Because of this maintenance, the Mobile Clinic operated only two days in May.  The modifications were intended to resolve some functional defects observed, thus improving both vehicle and clinic performance. Modifications include the following:
– New electrical system installed to avoid battery discharge
– Two small windows installed in the doors, to improve ventilation
– Two respirator openings in the ceiling
– Three small fans to ventilate staff and patient seats
– New straps in the walls to fasten some items


As usual the Mobile Clinic services include:
• Primary Healthcare and General Health Counseling and Testing
• Healthcare education
• Maternal-Child Healthcare and Health Counseling
• Vaccinations
• HIV counseling and testing
• Counseling on the importance of adherence to ART and TB medication
• Good practices for health counseling
• Evaluation of blood pressure
• Counseling on breast and cervical cancer prevention


For the detailed results of our visits to Macuse, Mexixine and Quelimane City please see tables below:


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