Update from the Field

October 31, 2006

Akbarudin Arif, KOMPIP


In the last two days, we have completed the first village meeting attended by all neighborhood heads at Mlese Village (Monday 16 Oct 2006, 15.00 pm to 17.45 pm). 47 participants from the village and 7 KOMPIP staff members including the field staffs attended the meeting. Target of the first meeting was program orientation and agreement of the villagers to follow the program. Facilitated by myself, the meeting went very smoothly and indicated that all neighborhood heads and staffs were enthusiastic to wanting to being part of and follow the program. The meeting was ended with the signing of the agreement by the neighborhood heads, the village head and KOMPIP representatives agreeing that both, KOMPIP and villagers, will work together in the economic recovery program through the community saving strategy, supported by Real Medicine. Several neighborhood heads asked to very soon hold the first neighborhood meeting at their neighborhoods. However, there is a lack of women participants in this first meeting. There were only four women from the village attended the meeting. We can not avoid reality that most women are preparing for breakfast in the late afternoon during fasting days. We will improve women participation in the following meetings.

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