Haiti Health Cluster Bulletin: November 23rd

November 23, 2010

Situation Overview

The situation in Haiti is urgent and will only become worse over the coming weeks. One month after the initial cases of cholera, 24 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are now providing cholera response health services in Cholera Treatment Centers (CTCs) and Cholera Treatment Units (CTUs). Throughout Haiti, 36 CTCs are operational with a total bed capacity of roughly 2,830. These centers atheir current capacity will not be sufficient to meet the population’s needs as the outbreak grows.

A serious concern has become ever increasing pressure on CTCs to treat patients. Renewed emphasis must be placed on implementing the first two components of the National Cholera Response Plan, which aims to protect families at the community level and strengthen primary health centers already operating across the nation.

CTUs, which are smaller than CTCs and are attached or near an existing health center, have not scaled-up their capacity quick enough. Increasing the number of CTUs throughout the country is essential for triaging patients and relieving the burden of care on CTCs. The operational role of the CTU also prevents primary health centers from becoming overwhelmed with cholera patients, which results in neglect of those with non-cholera conditions.

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