August Haiti Relief Project Summary

August 2, 2010

Real Medicine has been on the ground in Haiti since the second week following January’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake, working to bring sustainable healthcare to underserved populations in Port-au-Prince.

Our work during the initial weeks was focused on the provision of volunteer medical staffing, in-kind medical supplies and strategic coordination to help meet the surging needs of the health crisis on the ground. Working in close partnership with many relief organizations on the ground, we:

• Organized deployments of volunteer medical specialists to meet the needs of partner hospitals and clinics in Port-au-Prince.
• Provided direct funding, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to local health facilities.
• Provided advisory services and coordination to local health facilities.
• Coordinated mobile health outreaches to outlying villages overlooked in the relief effort.

Since those initial days, Real Medicine has re-focused on sustainable health services development projects to meet the long-term healthcare needs of the local population.
In this effort, we have coordinated the setup of a primary healthcare clinic in the Pernier neighborhood, east of the city’s center that is currently running under Haitian management and staffing. Our focus on the development of basic healthcare will continue into the next 6-12 months, as we work with some major partners in the region to establish additional clinics in critically-underserved regions.

Real Medicine is also moving forward with a strategy to potentially repair and reopen a state-of-the-art hospital in the heart of the downtown district. In addition, we entered into a partnership with Hôpital Lambert Santé in Pétion-Ville supporting their operations by funding additional physicians, nurses and medical supplies.

We have presented a comprehensive health strategy for Haiti to the White House and other government agencies, multi-national organizations and NGOs in an effort to raise funding and awareness.


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