Fundraising for our healthcare project in Shinuhayr

June 5, 2009

Nairy Gazourhian, Country Director, Armenia


The hard work toward raising funds for our primary care clinic in Shinuhayr continues…

In the last few months, RMF and its many volunteers have been working very hard planning a fundraising event to benefit our project in Shinuhayr. Our goal is to begin complete renovation of the 14,000 sq. foot roof of the clinic this summer so that it will be in place before the onslaught of winter. We are confident that the funds needed for this phase, a total of $75,000, will be raised in its entirety on the evening of June 12th but we cannot do it alone.

The people of Shinuhayr cannot afford to face another harsh winter without a solid roof to protect them and their clinic! We all may say that times are tough, money’s short but it is at times like these that people with the least need the most help. Now is the time to celebrate the blessings we have by giving what we can to those fallen on much harder times than our own.

It matters not how much you give but that you give. Please help us raise a roof!

You can make your tax deductible contributions by clicking on the link below. Specify that you are donating for the Primary Healthcare Project in Armenia.


Or to purchase tickets for “A Journey to Armenia” and make donations, go to:

Together we CAN make a difference!

Thank you. 

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