Real Medicine Foundation’s Haitian Earthquake Response Team is Departing

Real Medicine Foundation’s Haitian Earthquake Response Team is Departing

January 20, 2010

Los Angeles, CA

Today the Real Medicine Foundation announces that its first response team is departing for Jimaní, the border town between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where it will begin providing emergency healthcare services as well as personally deliver collected donations.

Real Medicine Foundation ( has pre-arranged its approach to working for Haiti in the hopes of avoiding the difficulties most humanitarian groups have encountered, such as being restricted access or lacking space to provide care. Dr. Martina Fuchs, founder and CEO of Real Medicine Foundation, says “We felt it was crucial to first prepare a solid strategy and establish the right partnerships before sending our personnel in. With these arrangements now in place, we will be able to get work immediately serving the victims of the Haiti earthquake. This week we are flying in a team of talented, dedicated health professionals who will now be able to hit the ground running.”

Real Medicine Foundation has been in communication with a number of other organizations, with all working together to coordinate services, equipment, and information. Fuchs herself will be departing for the earthquake-stricken region on Friday, to personally coordinate Real Medicine’s work and provide care.

Fuchs adds, “Right now what we need most is doctors and experienced medical volunteers, especially surgeons. Unfortunately, there is an extensive need for amputations right now. We are also continuing to accept donations for the victims. Our staff will be personally delivering the donations Real Medicine receives, so the effect of those donations is felt immediately there.”

Real Medicine Foundation will directly provide victims of the Haitian earthquake with emergency medical care, food and water in the short term, and support efforts for the longer term rebuilding process. Its response teams are supported by private funding allowing for 100% of donations to Haiti through Real Medicine Foundation will go to Haitians. Real Medicine’s unique approach to humanitarian relief involves partnering with local groups wherever they are to ensure sustainable solutions that will exist long after the public spotlight has moved on.

Real Medicine Foundation ( provides humanitarian support to people in disaster, post-war, and poverty-stricken areas of the world. RMF believes that "real" medicine is focused on the person as a whole, inclusive of medical/physical, emotional, economic and social support. RMF works in partnership with local groups wherever they are to ensure that the clinics and solutions it creates will be sustainable. RMF currently has clinics and projects around the world, including Myanmar, Peru, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, the United States, and more. For more information please visit

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